Zion Williamson Injury Update: Pelicans Big Man Suffers Foot Injury; training to reduce


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Zion Williamson suffered a setback in his return to the game. While he was due to train with the New Orleans Pelicans last week, pain in his feet prevented him from doing so. At first it was a slight delay, as first reported ESPN’s Andrew Lopez and The will of Athletic Guillory, but that pain has not gone away and the team announced on Saturday afternoon that their training will be reduced until their foot heals further.

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“After experiencing persistent pain in his right foot, Zion Williamson underwent medical imaging which showed regression in the bone scarring of his fifth metatarsal. As a result, the volume and intensity of his workout will be reduced for an extended period of time. to allow continued bone healing. Additional updates will be provided as needed. “

Williamson was playing 4 against 4, by ESPN, but because his foot hurts, the Pelicans have reduced his workload. Now, however, after imagery revealed a regression in the healing of his right foot, it looks like Williamson’s schedule to get back to the ground will be even further pushed.

It’s a big blow for Williamson, especially after the Pelicans, especially head coach Willie Green, said the team were “very optimistic” that the pain will go away after a few days and will be able to revive the game. Williamson’s activity. That doesn’t appear to be the case, and now the Pelicans will have to go longer without their franchise star. Green also added that Williamson has “worked the tail” to come back and is “frustrated”, but understands he must “continue to overcome these obstacles”.

Without Williamson, the Pelicans are 8-20 this season, with the fifth-worst net score in the NBA. Williamson hasn’t played in a game since early May last season, but this current injury is something he suffered in the offseason. Originally, the Pelicans said on Media Day that he would be ready for the opening night of the 2021-22 season, but that clearly did not happen, as the timing of his return has kept changing.


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