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The Stewart family sisters – Jeanette O’Brien, Keanya PhelpsKarenElaine Stewart, and Shawna Cooper — have all participated, or will join, in Shawna’s case later this month, Momentum’s full-stack immersive engineering program to switch careers and become full-time software engineers. Momentum’s program offers those interested in a new career in technology the opportunity to undertake an immersive coding bootcamp focused on the skills and technologies most in demand in today’s market. Momentum has an all-female leadership team and is a recognized and respected source of technology and training talent for businesses and individuals nationwide.

The dedication to learning, development and growth in the field of engineering runs deep in the Stewart family. The only brother in the family, James StuartPhD, recently earned his doctorate in electrical engineering and received the Black Engineer of the Year (BEYA) award as a leader in modern technology after his appointment by the US Navy, and their father is a software engineer retired.

“As black women between the ages of 34 and 51, with varying levels of education and career paths, changing careers at this point in our lives is certainly risky and takes courage. But my family and I have each other’s backs, we challenge and inspire ourselves to continually grow to be our best and be the best in our fields. We are proud to be recognized as pioneers and hope to encourage others to pursue their dreams,” said KarenElaine .

The Stewart sisters are already leveraging their experience with Momentum and software engineering, and writing their story for their future in tech:

Jeanette O’Brien graduated from the second Momentum cohort in 2018 and is now a software engineer on the Ansible team at Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of enterprise open source solutions. Prior to joining the Ansible team, Jeanette sought to leverage her coding skills by teaching four Momentum cohorts and continues to mentor current students, including her sister KarenElaine. Sister Keanya Phelps graduated Momentum in February and was immediately invited to join Caktus Consulting Group, an employee-owned web development agency based in Durham.

A third sister, KarenElaine Stewart, is midway through the full Momentum program as a LexisNexis Fellow, mentored by the technical leadership of the world’s leading provider of legal, regulatory and business information and analysis.

“We are extremely proud of Jeanette, Keanya and KarenElaine and look forward to welcoming Shawna to the Momentum program! This amazing family is an inspiration to all of us,” said Momentum’s CEO. Jessica Mitch.

As the fourth sister, Shawna Cooperjoins the next Momentum March 21st full-stack engineering programming course, the entire Stewart family is well aware of the source of their inspiration. When asked where she gets her inspiration from, Keanya shared, “We recently lost our sister, Kenyattah, to sickle cell disease and our mother, Doris, to Covid. Both in their own way. , constantly reminded us to strive for better, strive for more and shake up the norm!I can speak for all my brothers and sisters in saying that our inspiration comes from them.

Learn more about Momentum fullstack engineering March 21st course herevisit us at www.momentumlearn.comor email [email protected].

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