Why media training is a must for celebrities!


Considering recent times, celebrities and influencers have become a valuable commodity not only for the entertainment industry but also for various other platforms. Celebrities have become marketable brands to such an extent that major brands now need their name attached to their product to gain the trust of customers. For example, if Ayeza Khan, Faysal Quraishi and Fahad Mustafa are selling toilet cleaners no questions asked, and Mahira Khan wholeheartedly promotes hair removal creams, this leads customers to believe that the product being marketed is from the finest craftsmen and is something they absolutely need. It’s only because of the love and faith that fans have in these celebrities – the same fans who fall in love with their favorite artist, actor, singer or public figure because of who they are or what they think they are. Through various social media platforms, we are constantly exposed to everyone’s daily life. When you get famous from a celebrity’s point of view, it’s not as easy as you might think. There are a lot of things that go into transforming a celebrity into a brand in their own right: what they should post, say or look like, and so much more that we don’t even realize. Media training is one of the most important aspects of the job, but unfortunately not many celebrities opt for it.

Media training is a specialized form of communication between fans and the public figure themselves. It helps them understand their audience’s point of view, as well as their points of view. Once their target audience is identified, there is a specific vibe they need to follow to build themselves as a brand worth the time. They need a reason to stand out from the crowd and media training provides just that! But when it comes to our fellowship, it’s only controversy that shines a spotlight on them and a dire lack of brand building that’s evident.

The media covers a wide range, including interviews, social media posts, and being stung in public. Although it may not seem like it to viewers, almost all public figure moves are planned. They are groomed in the entertainment industry to only share certain aspects of their lives with the media. Celebrities know that the media is always trying to get the latest scoop on them, so they become experts on how to act in the media. It may bother some of you to know that the celebrity you’ve idealized over the years has nothing to do with it in real life compared to what it appears to be on social media. But it makes sense because if there’s one thing all public figures share, it’s that their lives seem to be perfect from what we see in the media. Privacy is important to everyone, so to stars. Here we have a list of don’ts that should be noticed by celebrities and after that, the next step is to enroll in a media literacy course!

  1. The next/untracked trip

When you’re a celebrity in a tough industry, there are bound to be several grudges among many. But following and then unfollowing in an attempt to show displeasure is a big no. If there is miscommunication or things that need to be addressed, do it like mature adults, in private rather than splitting fandoms and attracting cyberbullying from fans. It also gives rise to various rumors, for example, husband and wife not following each other may suggest separation, unfollowing your spouse’s co-star out of nowhere may suggest cheating, and even if you may only have unfollowed people for your mental peace, the distress you will go through in the face of rumors is far greater than that.

  1. Impulse posts on important topics

With a large number of subscribers, it is a big responsibility to influence them, and with the culture of “stan” and “undo” on the rise, anything you post or say ruthlessly will lead to a collapse of the from the fans. Instead of feeding your uninformed opinions to your followers, try to educate yourself about the issue and then choose your side. And while you’re at it, also try to educate your followers on the subject and encourage them to have their own opinion on certain issues. Celebrities often find themselves in hot waters with their hot takes and the insensitive content they post on their social media accounts. So the next time you’re about to post that hot take, take a deep breath, calm down, and think again!

  1. Air dirty laundry in public

A little something to settle? Talk to them instead of criticizing them in public and getting in trouble. Fans love the artists they support and when you dig their favorite artist it will result in nasty trolling, both ways, so save yourself the dilemma and talk about it rather than involving the whole country in your quarrel.

  1. Feed the trolls

It’s natural to have people who don’t like you, we all have our enemies, but it’s high time you stopped replying to their messages. You are only feeding the monster that craves your attention and feeds on it. If you really want to take on the haters, go to the cybercrime department and report them rather than encouraging more hate by paying attention to them.

  1. Blame the media

While the media promotes most of your work and helps spread the word, the media can also criticize your work. Bashing the media for their honest reviews or quick reports (before deleting the post) is not a good idea!

Celebrities, like businesses, are living brands that need a carefully crafted PR strategy and reputation management. This is why your PR team is your best friend, listen to them! You hired them for a reason, so stop going rogue on social media without their approval – until you really want to test their damage control skills. With so much at stake and money at stake, it’s high time celebrities turned to formal media training and became more aware of their audience!


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