Why do professionals and students choose the Madrid Software Data Science program?


In the Ed-Tech world, Madrid Software empowers students and professionals looking to enhance their careers. With excellent mentoring and a tailored curriculum, Madrid Software is redefining teaching methods with a focus on improving students’ practical skills as well as theoretical knowledge. As the data industry is booming and data scientists are increasingly in demand in India, choosing a good institution is not optional but essential for effective growth.

It is not just about acquiring knowledge but becoming an expert in order to succeed as a professional. “I opted for the PGAI course and it proved to be very helpful in improving skills. In 2019, my engineering was completed, but I was unable to write simple code due to a lack of practical knowledge Since I joined Madrid Software, the way the trainers have taught me has taken my understanding of Python to the next level making it so interesting. Naina Dixit

The Madrid Software course roadmap is designed to enrich students with the latest knowledge and skills through hard work and dedication.

Nowadays, many educational technology institutes deceive students with their fake marketing tactics and fail to focus on the eligibility of enrolled students for jobs. Not only that, they have big prizes, an outdated program, and a lack of empathy. The main reasons are ignorance and lack of relevant options.

Know why Madrid Software is a favorable choice of technicians for data science courses:

  • Emphasis on practical technical knowledge – We provide advanced practical skills to students with our training by working on live projects in their chosen field. We award engaging projects understanding the challenges students face in the data-driven industry, to make them confident. This gives students insight into ways to work on a real project later in their professional career.
  • Personalized advice – Constant guidance, mentor support and regular interactive sessions are offered 24 hours a day at Madrid Software. Our goal is not just to train students, but to help them learn skills to create an edge over competitors in the market.
  • Micro-lots for proper attention – We keep all our batches short for better understanding and personal assistance to each student without fail.
  • Global exposure on global platforms – Madrid Software learners are exposed to global data science platforms such as Kaggle, Github, Hacker Earth, etc. to effectively improve their technical knowledge.
  • Develop end-to-end solutions – Our students also learn how to develop end-to-end machine learning models for real-time use using the web application of their deployed models.
  • Training on creating blogs and presentations – Interns here are well qualified to curate insightful technical blogs on key concepts in machine learning, statistics, exploratory data analysis as well as practical implementation. Also, they can effectively prepare presentations for their respective clients to gain in-depth knowledge on converting business challenges into effective solutions using all the data science tools they have learned so far.

When the foundation of excellence is built on trust, achievement is inevitable. “In my opinion, Madrid Software training solutions is one of NCR’s most trusted institutes for learning AWS and other digital technologies like Data Science, Selenium and Python. The trainers come from multinationals and have a wealth of experience Mr. Amit sir is very approachable for any question resolving all my doubts I had a very good experience with the trainer and course program Infrastructure and environment are excellent compared to others – says the elders Kushal Kumar Sharma

Madrid Software offers placement opportunities with an incredible placement record. So far, the institute has successfully educated more than 20,000 IT professionals and prepared them for the industry. We are committed to becoming unstoppable by elevating ourselves as the leading service provider in emerging technologies.


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