Which Andrew Garfield character is your zodiac sign?


Andrew Garfield has proven he can transform into any role thrown at him, from webcaster Peter Parker to The Amazing Spider-Man to late Broadway legend Jonathan Larson in Oscar-nominated Tick, tick… Boom! In each role, Garfield takes on the appearance of the character he plays as well as the voices and mannerisms of those people, giving them each their unique traits.

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Considering how he transforms into every character he plays, it’s no wonder there’s an Andrew Garfield character that excuses the traits and energies of all the different zodiac signs. Although he has played the same roles several times, no character is ever exactly the same.

12 Aries: Jim Bakker – The eyes of Tammy Faye (2021)

Andrew Garfield and Jessica Chastain Tammy Faye's eyes

Aries possess qualities that make them very charismatic and endearing to others. They are confident and ready to take on leadership roles, where they often thrive. But their weakness is their short temper and their often sullen reactions. So did the role Andrew Garfield played as infamous religious leader Jim Bakker.

Garfield took on the charismatic personality of Bakker, which earned him a sequel on his TV show with his wife, Tammy. He also took on Bakker’s temper in the face of challenges from the media.

11 Taurus: Prior Walter – Angels in America (2017)

Prior Walter seated on a bed, in Angels in America

Taurus is one of the most stubborn signs. When arguing, they can be vicious and won’t quickly back down from their position. But they can be some of the most loving and dedicated people in the world.

Much like the stubborn Prior Walter who refuses to be seen as weak and let others walk all over him. Even when bedridden, Prior Walter can verbally fight with the best of them. Prior is dedicated to the people he cares about, even when they choose to leave him behind.


ten Gemini: Dennis Nash – 99 Houses (2014)

Laura Dern and Andrew Garfield in 99 Houses

Gemini is the sign of the twin. Geminis are known to change their personalities to deal with any situation, like Dennis, who can change his personality depending on the situation he finds himself in.

Dennis is a caring father when he’s at home, but he’s ruthless at work, taking away people who can’t pay their mortgages. Dennis is innovative and makes decisions that may seem reckless to his family but are necessary to keep them safe, much like Gemini’s impulsive streak.

9 Cancer: Robin Cavendish – Breathe (2017)

Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy in the Breathe promotional image

Cancer is an emotional sign. They like to hold on to their memories and use their imaginations to improve their lives. Robin Cavendish exudes a strong cancerous energy as despite being paralyzed from polio, he still sees himself traveling the world.

He uses his imagination to change what it means to be a person affected by poliomyelitis. His connection to his wife and son keeps him alive as he faces backlash from the world around them.

8 Leo: Jonathan Larson – Tick Tick… Boom! (2021)

Andrew Garfield would definitely do another musical

Leo never shy away from the spotlight; they thrive there. Leo is a born leader. They have huge personalities that can come across as self-centered and arrogant. And like the typical Leo, Jonathan Larson never wanted to be out of the spotlight.

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Garfield’s portal to Larson shows him as a flamboyant writer who would forever change the course of Broadway. Larson was not just a writer, but a director who wasn’t afraid to lead his cast and take matters into his own hands, using his bold Leo-like tendencies to further his vision for the show.

7 Virgo: Peter Parker – The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

the return of the amazing spiderman andrew garfield

Virgo is more reserved than some of the other signs but hardworking. Andrew Garfield’s Amazing Spider-Man differs from other Spider-Portals because Peter is more shy than audiences have previously seen of the character and is the Spider-Man most likely to be the more reserved Virgo.

Peter only comes out of his shell when he is completely comfortable with someone, much like a Virgo. His analytical approach to all his problems gives him an advantage against his enemies.

6 Libra – Eduardo Saverin, The Social Network (2010)

Libra is all about balance and making sure things are fair. In The social network, a film about the rise of social media, Andrew Garfield plays Eduardo Saverin, who fights for his fair share of Facebook.

In the film, Saverin doesn’t care how much money he would make by being the majority shareholder of Facebook. He cares that everyone involved gets their fair share and that no one gets short-circuited. Like Libra, Eduardo won’t let those in power use him as a doormat.

5 Scorpion: Sebastião Rodrigues – Silence (2016)

Scorpios are passionate. Sometimes they possess a morbid curiosity that makes them seem rude and insensitive to others. Rodrigues is adamant in his quest to save his mentor, and his passion for Christianity carries him through difficult situations that harden him over time.

Scorpios often have a taste for danger or the unknown. Rodrigues’ curiosity about what happened to his role model throws him into dangerous situations that only Scorpions would be willing to dive into. And like the deeply passionate Scorpio, even when he feels God has forgotten him, Rodrigues keeps his passion for God alive.

4 Capricorn: Sam – Under the Silver Lake (2018)

Capricorn is a resilient sign; when faced with setbacks, they can bounce back and move on to the next stage of their journey. And just like them, when it comes to Sam’s life at under the silver lakehe’s jaded about most things, but he’s all-out when his friend is part of a conspiracy.

Sam faces several obstacles in his search for the truth about what happened to his friend. Despite his past apathy, Sam works very hard to get the answers he seeks, showcasing that Capricorn resilience.

3 Sagittarius: Link – Mainstream (2020)

Sagittarius is generous, humorous and brutally honest. And while Link’s humor isn’t for everyone, it connects with people and earns him huge acclaim. He is brutally honest about how he deals with other internet personalities.

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Link isn’t afraid to tell them that their platforms are “nothing special” and offer nothing. Link gives others the opportunity to realize their dreams by helping them create their movies, much like the generous Sagittarius.

2 Aquarius: Desmond Doss – Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

Andrew Garfield in Hacksaw Ridge

Aquarius is not afraid to challenge authority. As the rebel of the Zodiacs, Aquarius is a free and independent spirit. They know how smart they are and use it to their advantage. In one of his best films, according to Letterboxd, Andrew Garfield plays Desmond Doss, a man who refuses to wield a gun in war.

When he arrives at BootCamp, Doss fends off his superiors. He won’t give up his moral beliefs to accommodate their idea of ​​what a soldier should be like. Doss knows he’s not smart when it comes to books, but he uses training “mistakes” to his advantage on the battlefield like an independent Aquarius would.

1 Pisces: Peter Parker – Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)

Tobey Maguire, Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield in Spider-Man No Way Home

Pisces are emotionally in tune with others. This sign is laid back and often follows other people’s plans. After going through the worst things that ever happened to his Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield plays an older, wiser Peter Parker.

Her grief allows her to help Tom Holland’s Peter Parker get over the loss of Aunt May. Instead of taking charge of the situation, Peter de Garfield follows Peter de Holland’s plans, allowing them to save the world.

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