What is an anonymous proxy?

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Even if they don’t know it, all Internet users come into contact with proxy servers. Are you employed? Theoretically, your actions on the Internet can be controlled by management. Do you shop online? Proxies are commonly used by website owners to protect against fraudsters. Do you like visiting the main portals? Proxies are used by their owners to disperse traffic.

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Network security professionals created the anonymous proxy. Let’s see what it is and what are the main features of the service.

Usual waiter

When you surf the Internet and use normal data traffic, your request is sent directly from your computer to the target computer (server), where it is converted. As a rule, you will immediately receive the requested data on your computer from this target server, which, for example, contains a specific website.

To let the external computer know where the required data should go, you automatically pass your individual IP address along with your request. It is stored on the target computer. The target computer operator can read the data stored in the logs and, if necessary, identify them.

anonymous proxy

These proxy servers are a tried and true method of concealing your internet activity. They are necessary to anonymize your computer’s IP address.

If you connect your computer to an anonymous proxy server, the administrator of that resource or service can only find out the anonymizer’s IP address, not yours. Conversely, you can trace the path from your computer to the proxy server, but not the actual destination.

The network has lists of free anonymous proxies that provide services of varying quality. For the most part, they simply cache page views and content, making them only suitable for encrypted websites. However, compared to a VPN or Tor network, proxies generally have the advantage of working without additional software and are often available for free.

How to work through a proxy server

Here are some key moments to remember when using a proxy server:

  • You can start by entering the service address of the operating system and applying the same settings when starting your default browser.
  • Remember that Internet Explorer, as well as Google Chrome and Opera automatically duplicate data from the operating system installed on your computer.
  • Mozilla Firefox requires the introduction of separate proxy settings. It only applies to the use of this browser. In this case, other online applications on your computer are not redirected.

Remember that proxy servers only hide IP addresses and can speed up internet traffic, but only commercial VPN providers offer true anonymity.

At the end

Proxy servers help with the different types of anonymity required at different levels, both as a client and as a service provider. This ensures information security for different users as well as the internal network. There are different types of proxy servers that follow different routing protocols and serve different purposes at different levels of anonymity. If you want a really effective solution, try an anonymous proxy first.


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