Web portal presenting SME products on the cards


The SME Foundation will create a digital signage platform – a web portal – for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the country to present their products.

According to those concerned, the Foundation aims to launch the website by this year and entrepreneurs will then be able to register for free and display their products with photos, audiovisual elements and texts.

Initially, 50 entrepreneurs will be involved in this process through online training. The Foundation plans to bring more than 1,000 entrepreneurs to the platform within a year.

“We will involve entrepreneurs step by step through training,” Dr Md Mafizur Rahman, CEO of the SME Foundation, told The Business Standard.

“The week-long SME Fair at Bangabandhu International Conference Center will start from November 20. After the show, we will start digital signage in December, ”he said.

An entrepreneur will be able to upload to the website more than 15,000 high resolution photos of their products, prices and catalog, in Bengali and English.

“We will monitor the process so that no entrepreneur can upload foreign products to the website,” said Dr Mafizur Rahman. “An administrator of the SME Foundation will approve the photos. We had a meeting with Access to Information [a2i] and checked for technical issues. “

The entrepreneurs hope that the digital signage platform will help their products reach more customers at home as well as abroad.

Maksuda Khatun, owner of Shabab Leather, told The Business Standard: “The SME Foundation has taken a very timely initiative. Many entrepreneurs are unable to promote their products. Our products will go beyond the country’s borders via this website, which will increase our sales. “

According to the Bangladesh Bank, there are around 60 lakh of CMSME entrepreneurs in the country. The SME Foundation believes that this website will help these entrepreneurs get a fair price for their products.

The website will have separate categories including crafts, clothing, leather industries, jamdani, nakshi kantha, jute products, jewelry, etc. to showcase the products and services. However, there will be no possibility to order these products directly from the website. Customers should purchase products by contacting the entrepreneur by cell phone and email.

Dr Md Masudur Rahman, President of the SME Foundation, said: “We have entrepreneurs from different clusters. Domestic or foreign buyers have no idea what our contractors are doing. Foreign embassies in Dhaka have repeatedly asked us to show them our products. can easily see the products on the website. “

He said the foundation has started training entrepreneurs online so they can take a good look at the products and do proper marketing.

According to a survey by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the contribution of the SME sector to Bangladesh’s GDP is 20-25%. At present, around 2.5 million people in the country are directly employed in this sector.

According to the Bangladesh Bank, 90% of the total industrial units in the country belong to the SME sector. At the same time, 87% of workers employed in different industries and 33% of total assembled products are included in this sector.

The central bank believes that in the SME sector, relatively small investments can create employment opportunities for more people.


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