Vikings and NFL Trade Rumors Grow


July 28, 2022; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings general manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah. Mandatory Credit: Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports.

When it comes to NFL trade rumors, I’ve noticed a new trend when it comes to online coverage of sports teams in the digital age. We all know that search engines, social media platforms, and websites (even this one!) cherish the click above all else. Any content strategy that can increase click volume is bound to become an instant trend, copied and re-copied, ad nauseam.

With the trade deadline approaching this Tuesday, November 1, we’ve all been tricked and/or treated to a surprising number of trade-focused headlines lately. We sports fans are almost universally fascinated by All Things Trade: whether it’s trades that have already happened and are being analyzed to death, or trades that are just rumored to happen in near (or distant) future. Particularly if the home team is involved, NFL trade rumors are like catnip; these titles are irresistible clicks.

The new trend I’m talking about takes this universal truth and amps it up a few notches. Somewhere, someone got the idea that trades didn’t have to be happening, or even rumored, to stir up some good old-fashioned clicking mania in the sports press. These days, online sports writers and bloggers give us the “business proposition”.

Maybe you have encountered this. Your News Feed might provide a headline like “Trade Proposal Makes Vikings Acquire Mike Evans,” and you, of course, automatically think:

“Holy cow, one of the NFL’s top ten receivers is coming to Minnesota? Are the Buccaneers blowing up their team? Can you imagine Evans alongside Justin Jefferson, with Adam Thielen in the slot? I need to click that link NOW!”

After the click, you then see that the article is simply a writer – not an NFL executive or other team official –makeup a swap he says would be “sense” for both clubs.

So it’s not a trade. It’s not a rumour. It’s not something Vikings general manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah or any of his counterparts have even considered. It’s just something absolute compound because it makes so much sense in his own isolated imagination.

When I was in high school, I had a car, but not the reunion queen. For this reason — and for this reason alone — in my mind, it just made sense that she should date me, fall in love with me, have my children, etc. That it “made sense” did not mean that the student body would even momentarily believe it was true.

That it’s “reasonable” certainly doesn’t mean the managers involved, whether Homecoming Queens or NFL General Managers, are going to think about it even for a second. They have their own real issues to consider, like real business possibilities, future project scenarios, or what shade of lip gloss to wear. So spreading these kinds of rumors feels like a monumental waste of our collective time.

And yet, the internet is increasingly littered with titles that seem legit but are really just a figment of a writer’s imagination. Or, what is happening more and more these days: headlines and accompanying articles are actually reports on a trade rumor that some other the writer came up with and published on a different website.

Each with its own catchy title, like “A successful business proposal was launched on Thursday”, “Colts involved in confusing business proposal“, Where “Vikings buy CB K’Waun Williams from Broncos – Flipboard”. Each of these articles are just reviews by one web writer reporting and evaluating the made-up thoughts of another web writer.

I think, if we’re going to get excited about a click on something that isn’t even a thing, why not make the title so overdone that it’s obviously a made-up rant from an internet blogger instead of, you know, reality checked? Buy us all some time, or at least prepare us for something ridiculous and miles from the truth. In fact, I have a few suggestions ready:

  • Vikings Land Shutdown Corner, add 5 more years of Cap Space Hell in a new commercial proposal
  • Latest Business Proposal Sends Divorce Lawyer Tom Brady to Detroit
  • Vikings to land on Aaron Rodgers ego in proposed win-win trade with Packers
  • New trade proposal is wrong: Ravens grant purple uniform rights to Vikings
  • Cowboys Trade Ezekiel Elliott to Vikings for 5 Players, 6 Draft Picks in Proposed Blockbuster (is this one too wacky?)
  • In New Proposal, State Farm’s Jake and Pat Mahomes traded for Limu Emu and Doug
  • Trade proposal sends souls of Vikings fans to Prince of Darkness in exchange for Super Bowl win

The proposals are multiplying and the possibilities are truly endless. I could dwell on this atrocity even longer, but now I have to check out the latest NFL proposed trade rumor circulating regarding PurplePTSD exchanging a smart columnist for the interstate rival TotalPackers Blog. Say it’s not.


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