Videos Made By VFX Artist Are Going Viral


What happens when your father is a Visual effects designer? You become the protagonist of some epic videos! A new viral internet video posted by Tansu YEĞEN on Twitter is about near-perfect transitions and VFX designs that enable a cinematic experience.


VFX artist employs his children in videos

The clips from the video gave birth to many of our childhood dreams as rocks become rides and water becomes portals. The video is just a compilation of all the imaginary childhood scenarios brought to life on a screen.

In the video, a dad is seen talking to his two toddlers as he incorporates them into his drama videos. The man behind the camera is Daniel Hashimoto, a VFX designer who has worked with DreamWorks Animationand after becoming a father, he decided to make funny videos with his children and post them on YouTube, but he didn’t know that the videos would travel the world and make him a successful career.

Viral VFX Video

He has a famous YouTube channel

His channel quickly took off and things started to work for him. His success peaked when he was a guest on Good Morning America and even landed a book deal. His YouTube channel, Action Movie Kids, has over a million subscribers. The creator posted sporadically on the channel but the miracle happened again when the post went viral on Twitter which reposted his video on the platform.

Those unaware of the greatness of his videos quickly jumped on the bandwagon and rented the video. The video is a compilation of different VFX scenarios with Hashimoto’s children as the protagonists of the scenes. It starts with his son drawing chalk circles on the floor, transforming into a Marvel-style space capsule as the boy soars through the sky.

In another scene, the boy is seen taking out an umbrella at night to protect him from a meteor shower. His son also disappears through a sprinkler and emerges from the water portal. The video is full of incredible storylines that only exist in the comics or movies, as the VFX designer employs his children in epic storylines.

Check out the viral video below:

On discovering the gem of a video, Internet users were amazed because they were simply mesmerized by Daniel’s creations and his creativity. They mentioned how the kids added a touch of cuteness to the great videos. One commenter wrote, “That’s just wowww,” while another added, “That’s awesome!”

Find out how people reacted to the viral video:

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