Video: Jimmy Buckets on fire in final off-season training


Over the years, Jimmy Butler has established himself as one of the Eastern Conference’s biggest superstars. After leading the Miami Heat to another Conference Finals appearance, the Heat’s talisman is surely enjoying some deserved time off right now.

Whether it’s showing off his amazing holiday in Italy or sporting a new hairstyle, it’s safe to say the 33-year-old is having a great time. But with the season drawing closer, players have started getting reps. Butler is no different.

Jimmy Butler transforms into Jimmy Buckets in final off-season practice

Ahead of a busy season, Butler was recently spotted attending a Chris Brickley training session. Butler looked excited in the same.

Hitting mid-range jumpers, three-way pull-ups and the like, it looked like Butler couldn’t miss a single shot. It’s fair to say it wasn’t Jimmy Butler on the court; it was Jimmy Buckets.

While Butler continued with his workouts, the Heat didn’t make any big leaps as such in the offseason. Although they had the opportunity to go all-in for a trade with Kevin Durant, they didn’t. The same thing happened in the case of Donovan Mitchell. Considering the Cleveland Cavaliers snagged the superstar’s guard with a bunch of picks and a few young players, the Heat could have at least theoretically pulled off a similar package.

Missing out on two superstars is certainly frustrating. While they were lucky enough to pair Jimmy Butler with a star, the Heat are now hoping their existing team can get stronger. Considering how Tyler Herro made a massive jump offensively, the Heat could benefit from starting guard.

Even veteran guard Kyle Lowry wasn’t at his best last season. If he manages to get back into shape for the upcoming season, the Heat can be a dormant pick in the East. Miami is certainly capable of making a splash in the East. Will they be able to upset the Milwaukee and Boston giants next season?


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