U.S., CCP defense chiefs stand firm on Taiwan


Beijing threatens Washington with war on Taiwan during a meeting between Chinese and US defense chiefs, marking their first-ever face-to-face talks.

Beijing is extending its long arm overseas. Reports indicate that the communist regime is exploiting American search engines to influence opinion on sensitive topics.

A Trump-era order banned Americans from investing in military-related Chinese companies. But the Treasury may be quietly changing the way it is enforced.

The Commerce Department is suing three US companies in an effort to protect sensitive US technology from leaking to China.

Protests are intensifying in China’s financial hub. Some Shanghai residents are now calling for freedom and democracy.

Other topics in this episode:

  1. Chinese propaganda tops search engine results
  2. Treasury allows investment in blacklisted companies
  3. US suspends export of 3 companies to China
  4. Shanghai residents protest against 2nd neighborhood lockdown
  5. Expert on Chinese infiltration of Brazil: a springboard to Latin America
  6. US State Department Creates New Team to Monitor Beijing
  7. Opening of the first road bridge linking Russia and China
  8. Shanghai to lock down millions again
  9. Q&A: The Shrinking World, China’s Declining Population

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