Training for Azerbaijani lawyers on data protection and privacy


The project “Strengthening gender equality and other ethical standards in the Azerbaijani media” continues its efforts to build capacity and awareness of international and European standards regarding media freedom, data protection and the right to privacy. privacy among lawyers, law enforcement officials and journalists in Azerbaijan.

On 12 and 13 March 2022, the Council of Europe, in cooperation with the Azerbaijani Bar Association, organized a two-day online training workshop on “Data protection and privacy” for Azerbaijani lawyers . Attended by 27 lawyers, the training workshop was delivered by international and local experts, and it addressed the issues of privacy and its importance in international law, international standards on data protection, data protection data as a topic for human rights defenders, business professionals, technicians and others, as well as the Council of Europe and EU benchmarks for data protection and privacy.

In his welcome speech, Mr. Zoltan Hernyes, Head of the Council of Europe Office in Baku, underlined that data protection and privacy are an important human right, which must be promoted and protected by effective national legal instruments. He stressed that “the right to privacy is no longer an exclusive matter between an individual and public authorities. It is also a relationship between private persons, entities or commercial enterprises, which may also be held liable for unjustified intrusion into privacy”. When opening the online training workshop, Mr Anar BaghirovPresident of the Azerbaijani Bar Association, underlined the importance of data protection as a new legal instrument protecting privacy rights and also underlined the need to continue building the capacity of legal professionals in this area in collaboration with the Council of Europe.

During the two-day online training workshop, participants took part in practical exercises by discussing various data protection and privacy cases and also reflecting on the challenges and opportunities of different national legal systems regulating data protection and privacy rights. Questions were raised regarding a variety of legal issues that arise in the daily work of lawyers in Azerbaijan. This shows that many aspects of fundamental rights remain unexplored and therefore this training workshop comes at the right time to address the right audience.

This training workshop was implemented within the framework of the Council of Europe project on Strengthening gender equality and other ethical standards in Azerbaijani media implemented since 2019.


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