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If you’ve always wanted a career in the lucrative tech industry but found the training intimidating, worry no longer, as some programming languages ​​are downright easy to learn. And you can get all the training you need from classes at your own pace in The Ultimate 2022 Backend Developer Bundle. Best of all, for a limited time only, you can use promo code SAVE15NOV during our pre-Black Friday sitewide sale to get 15% off and pay just $ 34.39.

Beginners should start with the “Learn Python in 1 Hour” course because Python is incredibly easy to learn and always in demand. Build your portfolio with the real world apps you are going to create. Then you can develop your basics with “Fast Track Python for Newbies”. Only the skills you acquire in these two courses will qualify you for Python programming positions. If you need a productivity boost to integrate your lessons, try this task manager.

C can be a little harder to learn, but “C Programming for Beginners” makes it easier with just 10 easy steps. “WebGL Programming and Rendering for the Web” is also a step-by-step guide, this time on the graphics API used for development by Microsoft, Google, etc.

Once you have learned the basics, you can move on to “Bootstrap 4 Rapid Web Development Framework HTML CSS JS”, ​​which students love; they rated it 4.7 out of 5 stars. Instructor Laurence Svekis is extremely experienced in a wide variety of digital fields, from application architecture and web programming to research and video marketing.

You can go from complete novice to expert with the JavaScript courses in this bundle. “Learn JavaScript in 1 hour” changes to “Learn jQuery in 1 hour”, then “Learn JavaScript AJAX in 1 hour” and “Learn jQuery AJAX in 1 hour”. By the time you complete the intermediate level “Dynamic JavaScript Master Class AJAX JSON Simple APIs”, you will be a master.

You will learn about debugging and customization, as well as web development shortcuts in “Introduction to Chrome DevTools”. And the second mid-level course, “CSS: Build Five Different Modern, Fully Responsive Websites,” is great for expanding your portfolio.

Don’t miss this chance to acquire the skills required to become a web developer; grab the 2022 Ultimate Backend Developer Set while you can use promo code SAVE15NOV for a limited time only during our pre-Black Friday sitewide sale to get 15% off and pay just $ 34.39.


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