“To be more than just golfers”: Lorie Kane prepares for the honor of the Order of Sport


CALGARY (660 NEWS) – The next step that of Lorie Kane incredible trip includes a stop in Calgary.

Later this fall, the four-time winner of the LPGA Tour will receive the Order of Sport and will be officially inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, located at WinSport.

“I am proud that the Hall saw it not only as what we have done as athletes and constructors on our playing fields, but also as what we have been allowed to do,” Kane said this week. during a Zoom call with the media.

“And to be more than just golfers, but actually people who will make an impact in the communities where we play.”

Looking back on her career, she’s had 11 professional victories, but she says participating in the Tour is one of her most memorable moments.

“Most importantly, I was 30 when I joined the Tour,” said Kane. “My age has always been put in front of me. I never saw it as a problem. I just joked that if they had given me 10 year credit I would have been 20 when I started out as everyone seems to be these days.

“Then my first victory in St. Louis [2000 Michelob Light Classic], which took a little while to get there. I finished nine second before finally entering the winner’s circle.

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It certainly paved the way for the success we are now seeing on the greens from golfers north of the border. However, she believes that more needs to be done to help these athletes.

“We lost a Hall of Fame in Jocelyne Bourassa,” Kane said. “If you think back to 1973, she won the Canadian and then quit playing. I think Jocelyne, as an athlete, understood what we needed and she gave us tools ranging from media training to clinical training.

“Support to get young women to the golf course? It’s a funny thing. When you don’t need financial support, it’s there. When you need financial support, you don’t.

“So where I’m sitting we’re successful on the LPGA Tour and we have to do a better job of really understanding what female athletes need to level up – whatever level it is, the better. amateur or where I sit as a professional.

The 65th Prize of the Order of Sport will be broadcast live on Sportsnet at 5:30 p.m. on October 3.


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