The Rise of Quick Skills in the Digital Workplace


The federal government estimates that 87% of current jobs across all sectors and industries in Australia now require digital literacy. Add to that the prediction, in the government’s Digital Economy Strategy 2030, that by 2025, 250,000 new jobs will be created through digitalization – and it’s no wonder many Australian workers feel compelled to improve their digital skills.

The change increases the demand for quality micro-courses that can be completed in just a few hours. Digital Marketplace Skill Finder has made this trend a business by indexing over 3000 free courses on the web.

The majority of these micro-courses are for people who want to improve their overall digital fluency on topics like digital marketing, design, or business tools.

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Podcasters Sophie Dicker (left) and Maddy Guest have found the micro-courses essential for improving their digital skills.

However, Skill Finder managing director James Horne says 25% of the site’s micro-courses are technical in nature, on topics including machine learning, AI, coding and cloud computing. Horne says a good “mic” course should be practical, current, and easily consumable.

“It should have a good user interface and a well-structured instructional design. The course itself should be like a Boy Scout badge, earned by learning how to bake banana bread or tie a knot: consumable and achievable in one block, for example in two hours,” he says.

It seems that many large companies agree. Canva, Amazon Web Services, Adobe and Facebook (Meta) all offer free micro courses that are listed on Skill Finder.

Canva aims for its 150 courses on Skill Finder to meet the needs of parents, students and full-time workers who are short on time.

“The need for visual communication is no longer confined to a number of industries and is quickly becoming an in-demand skill for nearly every career,” says Amy Schultz, Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Canva.

“Whether you’re a marketer creating social content, a talent team building onboarding bridges for new hires, or even a financial analyst compiling quarterly reports, the use cases for our community are wide and varied. “, says Schultz.


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