The Original Bank Co. and Upstart expand again in Columbus


Man’s best friends and their dog-obsessed owners create more jobs in Columbus.

The same goes for a business that makes it easier for consumers to borrow money.

The Original Bark Co. said on Monday it would create 500 jobs over the next four years, while lender Upstart said it would create 508, with the two looking to expand back to Columbus to serve their operations in rapid growth.

Bark will triple its workforce in Columbus, where it operates from the Gravity Building on West Broad Street in Franklinton.

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The company recruits in product, operations, management, technical and development positions.

“The incredible corporate culture we have established in Columbus allows us to meet greater product demand and improve direct consumer support through the high quality care of our customer service team, ‘Happy ‘”Bark CEO Manish Joneja said in a statement. Happy is what the company calls its customer service operations.

In 2015, New York-based Bark moved its customer service operations to the Carlisle Building Downtown. He moved to the new Franklinton offices in 2020.

Bark serves over a million customers.

The new jobs will have an annual payroll of $ 23.5 million.

Beyond its monthly toy and treat service called BarkBox, the company has expanded to other services.

He created the BarkEats dog food delivery service last year and also introduced BarkBright which provides health and wellness products for dogs.

Upstart, founded in 2012, uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to price credit and automate the borrowing process to improve access to credit while reducing lending risk and costs for its banking partners and credit unions.

In 2018, the company created 257 new jobs in Columbus, followed by an additional 250 jobs and approximately 40,000 square feet of space in 2020. Since becoming a public company at the end of 2020, Upstart has stepped up to speed its growth and now has a market of $ 23 billion. cap.

“We are thrilled with Upstart’s ability to recruit exceptional technical and operational talent in Columbus, especially when that talent comes with a Midwest style work ethic,” said Dave Girouard, Co-Founder and CEO of Upstart, in a statement. “In just a few short years, Columbus has grown into Upstart’s head office and our largest office.

The tax credits have an estimated value of $ 3.6 million.

Bark received approval for state tax incentives for his project from the Ohio Tax Credit Authority on Monday. Upstart was not on the authority’s agenda.

The Bark Project was one of 12 to be approved by the authority that will collectively create 2,426 jobs and retain 3,252 jobs statewide. The projects will result in $ 108 million in new payrolls and $ 162 million in investments.

Private jet company NetJets also got approval, which plans to add 154 jobs to its local operations. The company currently has 1,516 workers here.

The company offers aircraft fractional ownership, private jet rental and private jet card programs.

Recruitments for security, service, IT, maintenance and operations roles, as well as sales and support functions, will begin this fall. The new jobs will have an annual payroll of $ 12.8 million.

The tax credits have an estimated value of $ 2.3 million.

Clothing company Lululemon plans to create 150 jobs as part of an expansion of its distribution operations near Rickenbacker International Airport, which will generate $ 6.9 million in new payroll.

The tax credits have an estimated value of $ 700,000.

Vargo, which helps fulfillment centers run more efficiently, plans to add 24 jobs as part of an expansion in which it will move its Dublin Tech Center and Hilliard operations to a new location at 5555 Frantz Road in Dublin. The company will invest $ 4 million in the expansion.

The business has grown due to the growth in online sales.

The tax credits have an estimated value of $ 270,000.

Outside of Greater Columbus, discount clothing retailer Gabe plans to build a distribution center in Springfield that will create 833 jobs with an annual payroll of $ 27.8 million.

The tax credits have an estimated value of $ 3.8 million.

In Pike County, southern Ohio, retailer Rural King Supply plans to create 200 jobs with an annual payroll of $ 7.7 million as part of an expansion.

Rural King Supply offers a range of mixed retail products of feed, farm equipment, farm parts, lawn mowers and work clothing. The expansion includes establishing a tractor import and assembly business in North America.

The tax credits have an estimated value of $ 700,000.

In Muskingum County, Ridge plans to create 85 jobs with an annual payroll of $ 3.9 million.

The company manufactures advanced composites used to fabricate parts for truck, trailer, boat and recreational vehicle products.

The tax credits have an estimated value of $ 320,000.

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