The one who arrives! 20,000 people live in this Russian neighborhood community


Near St. Petersburg there is a block of buildings that has the population of a small Spanish town. The phenomenon has just been revealed thanks to Reddit and the truth is that the images are impressive.

It is called Novy Okkervil and it is the largest apartment building in the Leningrad region, located in the town of Kudrovo, on the outskirts of St. Petersburg.

According to the information provided by the entrepreneur, the building has a capacity of 20,000 people, which means that its inhabitants alone constitute the population of a small town. In Spain, this equates to cities like San Pedro del Pinatar or Conil de la Frontera.

Thanks to Reddit, we were able to see photos of the monstrous building, which looks more like a giant wall full of windows than a regular block of buildings.

Novy Okkervil is made up of 3,708 apartments, with 35 entrances to the blocks (between gates and garage) and 25 floors in total.

The king in this complex are the family apartments, mostly with two bedrooms. There are an average of four to six apartments on each floor, for which there are four express elevators per building.

The huge apartment complex appeared in 2015, and since then it has continued to gain inhabitants, being already almost at its maximum capacity.

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Reddit user “everlastsun” explains that, for the most part, the building is inhabited by tenants who wish to live comfortably on the outskirts since they spend almost all of their time in the office, so they spend little time at home.

The first floors of the 25 buildings are premises leased to companies.

Currently Novy Okkervil has: seven grocery stores, three beauty salons, a draft beer store, a florist, a building materials store, a private nursery, three cafes, a post office, an online collection point, a pharmacy, an outpatient hospital …

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And it doesn’t stop there, since right next to the building there is a school and kindergarten, a supermarket just around the corner, a hypermarket about 500 meters on foot and lots of other things. A Reddit user once explains that he went six months without leaving the premises, since the place has everything to live in.

Tenants say getting to the nearest metro station takes 25 minutes on foot, and getting to central St. Petersburg, Sennaya Square, takes six stations, which takes another 26 minutes.

If you have the problem of how cities grow and how a block of buildings goes from a community of neighbors to almost a city, then don’t miss this thread.

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