The importance of continuing education for digital marketers


The importance of continuing education for digital marketers

Digital marketers must work with two constantly evolving resources: audience trends and digital technology. The same marketing tactics that worked 10 years ago would be worthless today, not only because the internet is a remarkably different place than it was in 2011, but also because the people who browse the Internet Web do it with different habits and tastes.

As a result, digital marketers must constantly learn and adapt, looking for knowledge and skills that will serve them and their customers for years to come. While it is possible to use experience to scale over time, most digital marketers benefit by being more proactive in their continuing education. Here are some ways that digital marketers can strengthen their skills and knowledge today and in the future:

Networking events

The best way to learn the latest digital marketing tips, tricks, and trends is to talk to other digital marketers. Networking events and conferences bring together a large number of digital marketers, including global industry leaders, who are eager to discuss emerging strategies to attract and engage audiences online. Best of all, many of these events are held digitally, so marketers don’t have to take time off work or save the plane ticket to interact with top marketers.

Attending lectures at conferences is a good way to actively absorb new information about digital marketing, but it’s just as important to make connections with other digital marketers. By creating a network of peers, marketers have contacts to communicate with regarding any change in the digital marketing arena, from new technologies to changing public tastes. Learning from those we know and trust tends to be easy and enjoyable, which is why networking can be so invaluable in continuing marketing education.

Online course

These days, formal education is as easy as navigating to the right web page. Marketers can find all kinds of online courses related to their field, from a analytics-focused digital marketing course to content generation for social media marketing and more. Many of these courses are available on their own, and marketers can find broader programs that provide certifications or even degrees to bolster their credentials as well as their knowledge and skills.

Online education is much more convenient than traditional school, allowing marketers more flexibility in how they consume course materials to ensure that the right lessons are properly digested. Additionally, online courses often provide marketers with the opportunity to network with other students and faculty, allowing them to continue their learning outside of the classroom. Sometimes classroom learning is the best way to absorb information, and digital classrooms may be the best options for busy digital marketers looking for a head start.

Podcasts, books, magazines

Between networking events and online courses, most marketers need self-guided training opportunities. Fortunately, there are plenty of free and affordable options for you to gradually acquire knowledge and skills. Some of the best options include:

Podcasts. Audio content is convenient for marketers to absorb when they are involved in hands-on tasks that don’t involve a lot of mental load. Some highly rated podcasts for digital marketers include: The digital marketing podcast, Copyblogger.FM and School of Marketing.

Books. An old-fashioned way to acquire new ideas and information, books continue to be valuable tools for learning from the best professionals in the industry. In digital marketing, it is crucial to pay attention to the year of publication of the book; books from a decade ago have little to say about current digital marketing strategies. Some of the best marketing books on the shelves in 2021 include: What customers are looking for, Hit makers and The path to recognition.

Newspapers. Magazines and journals offer some of the best value for money for digital marketers looking for up-to-date information related to their field. Marketers can subscribe to receive recurring doses of industry news or purchase individual issues related to their interests. Here are some of the best magazines for digital marketers: Le Tambour Magazine, Digiday Magazine and Campaign magazine.

Often working in digital marketing is like sailing on a sailboat on rough seas with capricious winds. Fortunately, by participating in continuing education, marketers can learn to read the signs of wind and waves, allowing for smoother navigation into the future.


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