The heartwarming video of LeBron James training with Bryce and Bronny James 12 years ago has become popular and fans are really loving it: “That’s cute. He must be proud.”


Bronny and Bryce James’ growth in front of the world is finally reaching the point where everyone sees them achieving what their father did and getting into the NBA. Bronny is already 17 and 2 years away from NBA eligibility. Bryce has a few more years before he has to worry about the NBA, but his recent growth spurt has people thinking he could replicate his dad in the league.

LeBron recently shared a video of all 3 working out at the Lakers training facility. One of the clips shows the 3 of them dunking the ball one after the other, showing just how much their athleticism has developed, especially compared to when LeBron’s 2 sons were with him at the U.S. game. stars of 2010.

LeBron took to the court with Bronny and Bryce during practice and played playfully with his sons, who were 5 and 3 respectively. Looking at the latest training footage from the other day, it’s amazing how they’ve grown.

LeBron’s sons are still developing basketball prospects. Bronny James is ranked 50th in the country enters its senior year as Bryce’s Class of 2027 has yet to be officially ranked. Considering how they grew up in the NBA spotlight because of their dad, everyone can see their physical growth firsthand.

Children of NBA players often try to emulate their fathers and make a run for the league. LeBron’s Lakers saw 2 of these players on the roster during Summer League when they had Scotty Pippen Jr. and Shareef O’Neal on their roster. Pippen Jr. is on a two-way contract for the 2022-23 season.

Hopefully Bronny and Bryce can fulfill their hoop dreams and progress to the NBA. With LeBron waiting for Bronny to be drafted so they can play together in the league, expectations are already high enough.


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