The CBSE will train the Good Samaritans in road safety and develop civic sense


Indore (Madhya Pradesh): Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) students will be trained in their road safety responsibilities. Citing the importance of good citizenship and controlling cybercrime, the council will organize a student awareness program on Road Safety: Roles and Responsibilities.

This program will be spearheaded by the Central Police Training Academy (CAPT), Bhopal, and the Bureau of Police Research and Development, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

The campaign and program will start on Thursday (September 15, 2022). The main training school will connect with students from Class IX to Class XII at 11 a.m. Thursday through online portals.

The program was designed to instill road safety issues and good Samaritan duties in schoolchildren. The program aims to create a class of informed young people who will become ambassadors to raise awareness around them by being exemplary and by building a culture of road safety from the first years until the age of the license.

Schools can also organize the live broadcast of the program for maximum dissemination of awareness among stakeholders. Eligible students may also be invited to register and join the program directly through Cisco Webex or YouTube Live.

“Young Student Aid Program”

“This student outreach program will help young students develop civic sense, patriotism, good citizenship and awareness of natural disasters, traffic discipline, cybercrime, drug abuse, etc. and is open to all pupils of classes IX to XII” — Dr Joseph Emmanuel, director of the CBSE (academics)

“In the current scenario, we need to revive the education system and develop the students to become responsible citizens of the future, which is impossible without including discipline in our education system. Most of the students had fallen behind in the basic social skills and the right behavior during the Covid-19 induced lockdown’ – Jaydeb Kar, Indore CBSE Helpline Advisor

Students should note…

§ All participants should ensure that they have a high-speed internet connection so that their online training can continue uninterrupted and without buffering

§ Participants are expected to attend the program in school uniform

§ Participants should keep their mobile phones/PCs/laptops on silent while the speaker is addressing the class

§ Participants are requested to ask questions/queries in the chat box during the session, or they can reactivate and ask the questions only at the end of the session

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