The Best Content Strategies That Can Drive Learners To Your Online Learning Academy


With 700 million Internet users, India has one of the strongest market potentials for digital education. Although the growth of online education was inevitable, the Covid-19 pandemic has helped accelerate the pace of adoption of digital learning. However, simply creating courses is not enough for an online learning academy. One of the hardest things is getting people to sign up for your course. Many people think that posting a course on social media is enough, which is far from true. To expand the reach of your online course, you need effective marketing and sales strategies and the most effective strategy is a sales funnel. It lets you drive customers to your course through a series of landing pages, emails, videos, eBooks, podcasts, and more. So here are some of the most proven strategies for driving learners to your online learning academies.

Create an online presence

Hosting and conducting live webinars provides free engagement and valuable content and builds trust and brand awareness. This is ideal for marketing courses, products or services that require prior knowledge. For starters, you can speak at online events to increase your reach with people. Answering questions and queries on Quora is also an effective way to build your online presence and keep it on the internet for a long time.

Content creation

One of the most effective means of marketing is content marketing. Creating content that grabs people’s attention and gets them to share it with their network is key to success with social media. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and effective ways to create content.

Blog – This is one of the most common forms of content people create. You can create your website or use the help of a third party to upload your blogs. Don’t just chase after keywords, but try to ensure that your content is relevant, contextual and easy to read for the common audience.

YouTube – A view on YouTube is far more valuable than any other social media platform. Simply because the duration of consumed content is longer, probably in minutes and not seconds like on other social platforms. Once you have enough subscribers on YouTube, it’s easy to increase your reach on other social media platforms. But creating a good YouTube video is no small feat. At first it takes a lot of hard work and practice, but once you get used to it, making videos becomes fun and the result can be fantastic for your lessons.

Podcast – Podcasts are growing in popularity and are a natural extension of your YouTube videos. Platforms like Spotify are a great way to make your podcast public. It will take some time to build an audience, but it’s a great way to get your online course loaded with traffic if done the right way.

Build a community – Building a community will allow you to reach people who will be loyal to all of your courses, whether through social media or community-specific apps and tools. Every time you market your course, it acts like a ready-to-use audience database that you own and don’t have to pay for. Additionally, you can reach out to social media influencers, especially those with a clear and well-defined niche. Partnering with such influencers can benefit you in increasing the reach of your course.

Online Marketing

Today, online marketing is one of the go-to methods for marketers all over the world to promote their products and services. It is very different from traditional marketing and leverages web channels to deliver a company’s message to its target audience. In online marketing, email marketing and SEO are widely used by marketers to boost their marketing efforts. Let’s find out more about them.

Email Marketing – Industry reports suggest that effective email marketing can help you generate $42 for every $1 spent. To build your list, you can start with something simple offering free giveaways like e-books, reports, and case studies. Once people have downloaded your free product or service, you can capture their email IDs, which can then be used to advertise your paid courses with specific offers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – SEO will allow customers to search for items and services in your field to locate you when they need to. It’s a long-term investment that pays 100 times more when done correctly. In SEO, Near Me, Voice, and Long Tail keyword searches are common and can be used to boost your marketing efforts.


There are several other hacks that can be used to exponentially increase the reach of your courses. But making sure you keep experimenting with what works and what doesn’t is key. For you to learn, fail, fail fast, learn, implement and improve. Because when thinking about building your online academy, it’s essential to select a platform that allows you to automate all of this and helps you sell your courses, webinars and memberships faster with automated sales funnels so that you can focus on what matters most and that’s building your brand.



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