The Academy of Films and Sciences announces a partnership with FilmAid


The Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences announced its partnership with FilmAid, a nonprofit humanitarian organization working with refugees and other vulnerable communities around the world titled “AcademyxFilmAid: Visiting Arts Series”.

The series will feature conversations and masterclasses on the art of filmmaking, including media training courses with the aim of giving young people the skills and confidence to express themselves. The Academy will recruit members to provide a behind-the-scenes look at a variety of topics, including costume design, cinematography, directing, documentary filmmaking and sound mixing.

The Governor of the Academy and the Chairman of the Education and Outreach Committee, Wynn P. Thomas, spoke about the series. “This partnership will serve as a bridge between the Academy and the next generation of international filmmakers in communities whose vital stories need to be heard.”

FilmAid was founded by film producer Caroline Baron in 1999 in response to the refugee crisis in Kosovo. Having worked in over 20 countries, FilmAid has been a leader in amplifying the voices of displaced youth and providing life-saving information to communities in need.

Watch the Academy x FilmAid series here.

IFTA announces 2021 election results

The Independent Film and Television Alliance (IFTA) has announced Clay Epstein, president of Film Mode Entertainment, as chairman for the organization’s 2021-2023 term, along with seven new board members.

The IFTA elections were held by electronic ballot and the results were revealed at the IFTA Board of Directors meeting on September 30.

The seven people selected for the 15-person IFTA Board of Directors include JD Beaufils of VMI Worldwide, Jason Buckley of Lakeshore Entertainment, David Fannon of Screen Media, Lisa Gutberlet of Blue Fox Entertainment, Nat McCormick of The Exchange, Michael Ryan from GFM and Rob Williams from Participant Media.

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