Statistics on the evaluation of loan projects

Good Lending is still relatively young as an investment. As a result, many investors are beginning to have question marks on their investments, so they are happy to seek assistance in assessing credit projects.

Evaluation of loan projects


Shortly after the launch of Good Lending, there were contributions in the Good Lending Forum such as the headline “Investing – Yes or No?” Or something similar. On the one hand, experienced investors have shared their knowledge with newly added investors.

On the other hand, there was an intense exchange between experienced investors on whether to invest in certain loan projects. Naturally, many of these assessments are qualitative in nature and are based heavily on individual investment experience so far.

In order for investors to receive a payment-based support for their investments on Good Lending, websites with statistics and evaluations about Good Lending have emerged after some time.

Good Lending expressly welcomes these websites, as they are not only additional information to the existing Good Lending statistics, but also contain many suggestions for the further development of our data. As a result, we are pleased that Good Lending experts such as, verchow or wiseclerk invest so much time and effort in giving other Good Lending users important figures.

Which important tools are there?

What do the pages have to offer? is a website that closely examines Good Lending loan projects and provides Good Lending investors with important information and recommendations:

  • It examines whether and to what extent different variables correlate positively with each other: defaults related to professional status, failures related to Schufa’s creditworthiness, late payments in relation to the state, or prematurely eradicated projects in relation to gender, to name just a few examples.
  • Pooled payment ratios per credit rating and duration are presented over time and enriched with additional information such as “The 10 largest borrowers” in this pool or average loan volume per borrower in this pool, etc.
  • You can have a ranking list of the most experienced investors displayed – sorted by criteria such as investment volume, total return or number of funded projects

Good Lending provides various metrics to help objectively evaluate current Good Lending loan projects.

Good Lending provides various metrics to help objectively evaluate current Good Lending loan projects.

For this purpose, customary methods from investment theory are used.

  • At Good Lending, investors will find an overview of ongoing loan projects with all the data relevant to the investment decision. Each current loan project is attributed a capital value resulting from the interaction of various factors (interest rate, payment ratio, probability of default due to insolvency or death, expected return, etc.). The net present value represents the expected value of a € 250 investment in the respective project.
  • A risk-return graph depicts the value of each current loan project, depending on its risk.
  • There are numerous graphs that show the historical evolution of various sizes, such as loan volume, payment rates, haircuts, or default rates.

Good Lender provides investors with automated statistics and reporting :

  • The development of credit volumes on Good Lending, interest rates, number of active investors and other important key figures are shown graphically over time.
  • Loan projects are categorized into clear tables according to various criteria, such as credit and interest rate credit projects, state and interest rate loans, and loans by age and gender of the borrower.
  • On Good Lender, investors can find helpful rankings such as Good Lending loan projects by net yield or investors by size of the investment.