ST HeadSTARt: how to secure a job interview | What’s next for Singapore’s crypto scene?


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Good morning! One of the stories we’re looking at this week could help you overcome the first hurdle to getting a new job, which is landing the interview.

Personalizing your resume with company-appropriate keywords and researching the organization’s values ​​are several steps that could be helpful, says workforce correspondent Calvin Yang. You can also introduce yourself to recruiters by regularly updating your resume and submitting it to online job search engines.

Another story tackles the perennial question of whether Singapore has a culture of overwork. “Quietly quitting” – giving your due and not going above and beyond your duties – has been a hotly debated issue recently. Instead of throwing stones at silent quitters, we need to ask ourselves if we have any harmful “longstanding practices,” writes associate editor Chua Mui Hoong.

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Meanwhile, the crypto industry is going through what gamers are calling “the crypto winter,” led by a rout triggered by the TerraUSD crash and rising interest rates. The ecosystem should enable innovation but also protect people from risk in areas such as financial stability and consumer protection, says an industry expert with whom economics correspondent Claire Huang spoke. Deputy Editor Kang Wan Chern also highlights how blockchain technology and crypto assets are becoming more mainstream.


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