Sri Lanka shortens working week and calls for food independence


Sri Lanka (MNN) — Sri Lanka gives civil servants an extra day off during the week for the next three months and encouraging them to grow food.

The island nation is facing its worst financial crisis in decades. More about it here. Officials are struggling to pay for crucial imports like food, fuel and medicine.

The government information office said in a statement:It seems appropriate to grant government officials one working day’s leave…to engage in agricultural activities in their backyards or elsewhere as a solution to the food shortage that is expected.”

“The economic and political crises have shattered a fairly stable environment”, International Media Ministries says executive director Denise Godwin.

Believers in Sri Lanka partnership with IMM for content, media training, etc.

“Sometimes they send the footage to us, and we can help them get it out there, or on different social media platforms, so the gospel of Jesus Christ can keep moving forward despite the chaos.”

Until COVID and government changes delayed them, IMM partners worked on a production called The Gospels. “It puts the story of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in a cultural context because if you go to the Far East, to Asia, those people don’t have a background for Judeo-Christianity,” Godwin says.

Pray for the faith of IMM partners to grow as they learn to trust God. Their project, as well as the future of their country, is shrouded in uncertainty.

“They were wasting time on a national channel, so all of those things are impacted now,” Godwin says.

“It’s important for us to make sure they are well, and then figure out how can we help them continue to share the light of the gospel despite the challenges.”

The header image shows a woman harvesting tea leaves in Sri Lanka. (Photo courtesy of Elina Sazonova/Pexels)


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