Spotlight on the CEO: How this tech savvy entrepreneur went from battle to business


  • Becoming a leader is a trait that many learn, but there are a few who are simply born to lead.
  • Take for example Dan Ashburn, whose natural leadership guided him through a military career and combined with an innate sense of technology, launched him towards entrepreneurial success.
  • These talents led him to lead his comrades into battle to form his own burgeoning business. Now he inspires others to follow their own dreams.

The technical geek

Those who knew him best weren’t surprised when Ashburn made his name in the digital world. Born and raised in the UK, he found himself obsessed with computers from an early age when he started his first website when he was just 13 years old.

“It was at the very beginning of SEO. I had a technical geek in me and I was addicted to the idea that the entrepreneurial sky was limitless when it came to creating money and wealth, ”recalls Ashburn.

Ashburn became known as the neighborhood kid who was good at ‘tech stuff’. As he grew older, Ashburn continued to try his hand at various technical variations – including Amazon associates, e-book affiliate marketing, SEO ranking sites, and more. – to earn money before taking basic air training.

The British Air Force took note of his natural leadership abilities and he was promoted to team leader. His calm in the chaos and ability to guide his team were admired by those who followed, characteristics he still carries with him today.

Ashburn spent four and a half years in the military, including a tour of the Middle East, where he learned the value of dedication and teamwork. He also had the chance to use some of his technical gifts.

“After having conquered the basic training, I went through a communication school and that solidified my technical capacities. We took all the Windows courses, the networking courses, the radar. I got the first 100% score on the Windows exam, which I was very proud of, ”recalls Ashburn.

He also used these abilities in a very technical role for the fighter jets known as typhoons, and staying true to his technical side, he would return to his dormitory at night to continue his e-commerce business of reselling the web hosting and helping people with their sites. During this time, he had built a modest five-figure income from affiliate income.

At the age of 21, he came to a crossroads: becoming an officer or fulfilling his dream of owning his own business. He chose to leave the military in 2012 when he realized his ambitions were greater than what he was doing in the military.

Ashburn contacted her best friend, John, who registered the account, and the couple started the agency which would run for several years. They went on to launch over 200 websites and over 600 SEO campaigns, while also developing e-commerce websites and building around half a million per month during that tenure. They also ventured into the dental world, and Ashburn still owns a dental agency which is one of the primary agents of Invisalign tooth shine products.

In 2014, fate intervened when he purchased a ticket for an exhibit on sale on Amazon.

“During the trip, I always looked for something more lasting, something more tangible to me, like a real business, that’s what I told myself,” recalls Ashburn.

He set to work to create his own empire. His digital skills, work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit have helped him grow his business. During this time, he went out on his own to focus on his growing Amazon empire.

He quickly understood how to evolve a brand and became one of the most sought-after speakers at events around the world. His insight and insight helped him progress as others noticed him and flocked to him for advice.

“The last few years have been a whirlwind, but I made a name for myself in the Amazon community pretty quickly because there weren’t a lot of guys like me with the technical skills, strategic skills and experience to do it. support, ”Ashburn explained.

It was during one of these conferences that once again everything changed. The event was China Magic, where he met Severi.

Business leaders are joining forces.

Severi had this image of bringing entrepreneurs together to learn and grow through mentors and speakers while also networking with those who could grow their Amazon business at his event, China Magic.

“I was already doing coaching events that I kind of fell into because a lot of people were asking me how I did things, but what I learned pretty quickly is that you can go there- low and just helping people, but one to two percent of them take action and take it seriously because they don’t invest in it. They have no reason to show up except you took the time out of your day to show them your systems and show them what needs to be done, “said Ashburn.” Paid coaching has shown me what can be done when people invest in their success, take it seriously and working towards a goal. “

Ashburn could see his vision, and Severi had the magnetism, not the structure. He brought that balance to the partnership. After speaking on stage at Severi’s sourcing event, Dan knew that his genuine charisma and ability to network, combined with his technical flair, entrepreneurial spirit and leadership skills, would make him them the perfect partnership. He realized this was an opportunity to continue dedicating his time to helping others achieve their dreams.

“Me and Dan are shining. We bring positive and amazing energy together. We bring people back to life, we give them families. We are more than just a business. A lot of people in the industry have tried to pull us apart, but that can’t happen because we are a unique and authentic combination of skills and personalities, ”Severi said.

The Titan network was born.

Business partners have seen the tremendous progress made through the power of mentoring. Attendees’ sales would increase dramatically due to the quality of information they received from speakers even before they left China.

It was an opportunity for entrepreneurs to break away from all of life’s distractions and focus on their business while learning from the best in the game.

However, Ashburn and Severi realized that their community needed more than the 12 days in China. They were constantly bombarded with questions to continue growing as entrepreneurs, and the couple wanted to help. The duo got together and in a hotel lobby, wrote pages and pages of market research and content about people’s needs, and Titan Network was born.

Titan Network combines Dan’s Amazon expertise, marketing and leadership with Athena’s ability to network and connect communities. Together, this powerful duo gives Amazon sellers the ability to brand, tailor, sell, and help others achieve the same level of lifestyle freedom they have.

“I’m a huge supporter of what you do and the results of the brands I personally generate, and we’re partners. Titan certainly does it in more ways than one, financially and with life goals,” Ashburn explained.

The Titans come together as entrepreneurs at the same stage of their journey and move up through groups from Project Zero, just at the start, to Group Four, Exit Strategy.

The Unique Network works because those who are part of it are genuine, like their leaders. When an entrepreneur joins Titan, he receives the energy, knowledge, experience, mistakes and success of everyone in the community.

“There have been a lot of ups and downs, triumphs, hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on various experiences and products to get to where I am today,” Ashburn said. “This is the journey, and now Titan Network is one of the largest networks of experienced sellers that I know of and we are really redefining the strategy and what it means to be successful in this business.”

About Dan Ashburn:

Dan Ashburn is an industry-leading Amazon entrepreneur with a team that achieves 8-figure annual sales. Having used his ambitious and entrepreneurial spirit to create countless brands, he has become a sought-after speaker, inspiring crowds with his leadership and in-depth knowledge on stages around the world. Dan is the chief mentor of China Magic, the co-creator of Amazing Selling Machine, and most recently the co-founder of Titan Network, an exclusive membership organization for Amazon’s elite sellers. For more information on Dan and Titan Network, please visit:

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