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Affordable AI-powered accessibility tool for ADA and WCAG compliance with automated multi-disability adjustments and customizable interface.

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— Founder, AccessibilitySpark

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 13, 2022 / — Spark of Accessibility transforms web accessibility for Shopify stores by replacing an expensive manual compliance process with state-of-the-art automated AI technology. Accessibility Spark strives to realize the vision of “accessibility for all made accessible to all” by providing a single affordable solution for small businesses.

According to the United States Census Bureau, more than 2.1 billion people have a disability. That’s almost a fifth of the world’s population. In the United States, this number is estimated at 56 million people, or 20% of the population. Digital accessibility compliance ensures that inclusive practices are implemented for people with disabilities to fully participate in society. With Accessibility Spark, small businesses can explore an untapped market and deliver a broader, more inclusive experience. It opens vast possibilities for improving conversion, increasing the number of visitors to the website, and increasing the likelihood of higher search engine rankings.

Digital accessibility ensures that websites are usable by everyone and that people with disabilities have access to the same user experience as everyone else. This includes everything from making websites and apps accessible to people with disabilities to ensuring they have the same opportunities as everyone else. “There is a serious lack of awareness regarding the need for accessibility on the Internet. As we continue to digitize all aspects of our lives, accessibility on the web is as essential as making the world more accessible and inclusive. Accessible e-commerce space isn’t just a need, it’s an emergency. With over 1.75 million merchants on Shopify, it was imperative that this marketplace space be accessible to everyone. Small businesses are often unaware of these laws which expose them to costly lawsuits. Accessibility Spark was developed to provide a single, affordable solution to protect small businesses from such breaches. It allows Shopify merchants to create ADA and WCAG-compliant websites, protect their businesses from regulatory action, and reach a wider audience of approximately 56 million people who might go untapped without the ease of accessibility on websites. says the CEO of Accessibility Spark.

Accessibility Spark has created support to help all Shopify merchants unlock their growth potential by avoiding elusive roadblocks in the process. Embedding a web accessibility icon automatically detects your website making it appear in search engine optimization rankings. A better customer experience and expanded functionality is one of the most direct routes to conversion. A boost in one of these features is an automatic boost in the other. It was estimated that websites that used web accessibility icons attracted 30% more traffic than websites that did not.
The Accessibility Spark operates as an automated legal expert that takes care of global web accessibility legislation, up-to-date compliance with ADA standards, and significantly reduces the risk of lawsuits. It carefully assesses each website in 1 hour with an automated scanning process emphasizing keyboard navigation adjustments, personalized orientation for each impairment, screen reading adjustments and custom design of each website . Shopify store owners can ensure their stores are accessible to everyone, regardless of disability type or level of impairment, with its 100+ tweaks, including accessibility tweaks for blindness, l epilepsy, cognitive impairment and motor impairment without disrupting website design elements.

The credibility of accessibility compliance is a hidden but uncompromising feature and Accessibility Spark is committed to equipping Shopify stores with the highest standards of compliance. It delivers value with a detailed accessibility statement and certificate of performance for more transparency and better protection. Accessibility is not limited to site content; they also need to get the web accessibility icon in order to reach all internet users. This certification not only raises the profile of Shopify stores, but also helps establish a more human connection with its consumers. A business that cares is a business that grows.

Digital accessibility is a pressing need and Accessibility Spark ensures that store owners no longer have to wait after installation to file a complaint with their stores. It is operational within an hour of installation and within 48 hours any accessibility issues are identified and adjusted for ADA compliance and WCAG Standards. After the initial scan and report, it runs daily scans to ensure constant compliance for any new or added content, forms, images, videos, or widgets. In addition, it delivers a professional compliance audit every month.

Inclusiveness for all is a broad term. To stay true to its meaning, it must take into account innumerable handicaps and impairments, the level of impairment and the variation of individuals. After arduous research on this, the next step is to carefully implement all required changes to the website while keeping in mind all updated ADA and WCAG compliance regulations, and maintaining a visual hierarchy and design while doing so. It may not be impossible to do it manually, but it is impossible to keep it affordable. Additionally, staying up to date with accessibility regulations and maintaining website compatibility for new content at all times requires ongoing monitoring. The manual process for this requires a heavy investment of time and resources. Accessibility Spark denies the scope of human error and guarantees an automated process, fast scans, and error-free reporting.

Web accessibility is one of the most important digital concerns these days, influencing all businesses. Accessibility compliance is an integral part of running an effective online business. Tools like Accessibility Spark protect businesses from lawsuits, they promote growth, they fulfill social accountability, they promote inclusivity, they provide compatibility, and they create accessibility.

Yes, web accessibility is attractive. Yes, ADA compliance is mandatory. Yes, accessibility compliance leads to higher conversion. Yes, all Shopify stores would love to have it. But can every Shopify store owner afford it? No. Accessibility Spark aims to bridge the gap between desire and action with world-class solutions at an affordable price. Accessibility Spark believes that an accessible website is everyone’s right and therefore it is its responsibility to provide a leading accessibility solution.

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