SEO expert discovers opportunities to act as a result of online trolling


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Glasgow, UK, October 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –

Craig Campbell, a leading online entrepreneur and SEO expert with his own agency, has managed to land several acting roles in recent months due to his admirable reaction to online trolls.

Craig’s new acting adventure began when David Wilde, director of the Lord of crime series filmed in Glasgow, spotted him online and asked if he would be interested in playing a role.

Lord of crime is a show centered around Paul Black, who turned to writing crime stories after serving fifteen years in prison for bank robbery. At first glance, it seems he is doing well in his new career – he has an editor and a lucrative film contract. However, things quickly turn for the worse and plans for a crime-free life are flying in the air. It looks like Paul Black has to become a part-time crime writer, a full-time criminal.

Craig was more than happy to play the role of Johnny Dallas on the show, a tech expert who got entangled in the world of Paul Black. Craig has loved getting involved with the show and has received a great response from viewers about his performance so far.

Turning Trolling into a Positive

Online trolls have always lurked in the shady areas of the web, feeding on drama and misery for others online. Their motivations seem to vary, from acting purely out of personal grudges, to desperately seeking attention, to speaking out of jealousy – and countless other motivations.

Prominent figures like Craig Campbell are regularly trolled by jealousy. Craig’s extensive social media combined with the fact that he regularly speaks at events he hosts as part of running his SEO business on a daily basis.

Craig often approaches trolling on his accounts in a positive way. He encourages his followers to ignore online trolls and invest their time and energy in doing positive things and working to make their dreams come true. He truly believes that this is the best way to deter doubts and negativity and welcome positivity and opportunity into your life.

And after?

It might come as no surprise that Craig has turned to the answer to online trolling – the SEO star has dabbled in the scene before! It has already appeared in some British soap operas over the years, such as River town and Hollyoaks.

It seems that Craig’s acting career is far from over too… Since he landed the role of Johnny Dallas the Lord of crimeCraig was hired by an acting agency in London and received numerous offers from actors for other Netflix series in the works. It just shows that good things can come from negatives – from being trolled online to having a promising side career as an actor!

SEO services in your image

In addition to being an actor, Craig is a seasoned and respected SEO expert and owner of Craig Campbell SEO, a digital marketing company specializing in link building, online reputation management, and PPC management.

Craig was also named the highest paid Scottish businessman on YouTube after landing an impressive six-figure sponsorship deal with ODYS Global.

Through his business, Craig also offers SEO training courses and a variety of other services tailored to your business needs, such as digital marketing, social media marketing, lead generation, advertising and more. Again.

Her popular YouTube virtual marketing course has helped hundreds of people start their own successful businesses. Because Craig believes in giving back to his community, he offers this popular course for free so that money is never a barrier for people who want him to educate them on how to improve their rankings on Google.

Head over to his website today to find out what he can do to help your business thrive!

More information

Craig Campbell, founder of Craig Campbell SEO, is a respected SEO consultant and educator who speaks regularly at digital marketing conferences around the world.

For more information, visit to browse its range of services. If you have a question, please send an email to [email protected] or call 07397 850 511.

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