Sedalia Police Reports for June 23, 2021


This article is compiled from the Sedalia Police Department reports.

On Tuesday evening, officers responded in the West 5th Street and South Grand Avenue area to a woman shouting. After an investigation, the woman was located in the 500 block of South Grand Avenue. She was intoxicated and it was determined that her screaming was not due to an assault or a crime against her. She received a warning for disturbing public order. While officers were outside, the woman threw a hammer at them through the window in an apparent attempt to cause serious physical injury. Allison Marie Wood, 33, of Sedalia, was placed under arrest, taken to hospital for a containment check, and then to Pettis County Jail to stand there for 24 hours. Charges are being sought for 1st degree assault on law enforcement, criminal action with a weapon and 2nd degree property damage.

Police from Sedalia were dispatched to the intersection of South Wagner and East 14th Street on Tuesday afternoon due to a recent hit-and-run accident. It is estimated that the damage occurred within an hour of the police call and the repairs cost $ 1,200. The victim, Jason Eickhoff, said he would like to file a complaint.

On Tuesday afternoon, officers were dispatched to the lobby of the police station to contact Briony H. Hogg, who wanted to report that the windshield of his mother’s vehicle was damaged. When the officers arrived, they spoke with Hogg. She said that overnight someone shot what appeared to be a BB on the vehicle’s windshield, cracking it. Officers took photos of the damage and attached them to the report. There are no suspects at the moment.

On Tuesday morning, Erin Bratton came into the lobby of the Sedalia Police Department to hand over a wallet that had been found in the Landman Title parking lot, 111 West 3rd Street. While ID was found in the wallet, no contact information was found for the owner and the address listed was outside of the state of Missouri. The wallet has been placed in the found property.

On the afternoon of June 16, officers were dispatched to South Woodlawn Avenue due to a sexual abuse incident that occurred 28 years ago on East 9th Street.

Sedalia Police were dispatched to the 1300 block of South Ohio Avenue for a report of a stolen license plate Tuesday morning. When the officers arrived, they spoke with Sara E. Harms. Harms said earlier that morning someone stole his vehicle’s front license plate. Photos of the scene were taken and attached to the report. There are no suspects at the moment.

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