Sandeep Sisodiya invites applications for the 7th Business Development and Sales Masterclass


New Delhi [India], September 30 (ANI / SRV Media): Registration for the 7th class of Business DevelopmentSales Master Class is now open. The course lasts 6 weeks and the lessons take place on weekends (8am to 10am) via zoom / skype.

The course is uniquely structured to include various topics, a few of which are pipeline and sales process, sales goal and collection goal, how to tap a new market and the difference between business development, sales and marketing.

The Business DevelopmentSales Masterclass details the strategies for IT agency entrepreneurs to grow their business using proven sales strategies. One of the main goals of this course is to arm entrepreneurs and sales professionals with all the right tools to develop a successful IT startup business.

The founder, Sandeep Sisodiya, planned to contribute to the development of the country by helping people develop their business and business skills, which in turn would help create and showcase their products. The coaching service includes courses tailored to IT agency owners, startup founders, freelancers, business development managers, business development managers and many more.

Besides coaching services, interested candidates may also benefit from consulting in the areas of branding, marketing, sales, LinkedIn, lead generation, business development, social media marketing. , web / mobile technology and SalesBD hiring. With over 10 years of experience in the field, these courses have helped 130 clients and helped IT professionals excel in their fields.

Founder Sandeep Sisodiya said, “Just like other technical skills, sales and business development skills cannot be learned from videos, blogs or YouTube articles. As it has a process full of dilemmas, it always requires dynamic solutions from experienced mentors. My mission is to empower our local IT industry to inspire and lead the world. To achieve my goal, I strive to provide my core experience with practical solutions to IT professionals. “The entrepreneur has worked with brands like Rock Technolab, Pixielit solutions, IBL Infotech, Born Techie, Satva Solutions, Spyweb Solutions, Pixielit Solutions, HoneyComb Software, CodeAroma Technologies and Om Web Tech to help them grow. the title of “HubSpot Certified Inbound And Facebook Certified Marketer” has helped Sandeep gain the trust of reputable organizations in the industry.

Sandeep Singh Sisodiya is also a partner with Ahmedabad-based agency Appsrow Solution, a company that provides solutions for startups to develop user-friendly websites, build strong brand identity and execute social media strategies.

The Appsrow team is made up of innovative developers, creative designers and digital experts, who strive to make a real difference in the digital world with their innovative ideas. Over the past few years, they have collaborated and helped succeed various startups in India.

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