Sampath Bank extends its strategic partnership with Paycorp International


Bancstac Director Evan Lau (left) and Sampath Bank Card Center Deputy Managing Director Darshin Pathinayake

  • Becomes the first local bank to enable dynamic merchant Lanka QR codes

Sampath Bank PLC (Sampath Bank), in partnership with Paycorp International Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Bancstac (Paycorp International), has become the first local bank to enable businesses to automatically generate dynamic Lanka QR codes for merchants via the Sampath Bank payment gateway. without any technical integration required by the merchant.

This innovation enables businesses to accept payments from all LankaQR-enabled apps and digital wallets at much lower transaction costs than traditional credit card payment methods.

Sampath Bank customers can currently accept Visa, Mastercard and UnionPay International card payments through the Sampath payment gateway and in partnership with Paycorp International, businesses can also accept American Express, Diners Club and Discover Network.

Darshin Pathinayake, Deputy Managing Director of Sampath Bank Card Center, said, “At Sampath Bank, we have always strived to leverage emerging technologies to deliver innovative solutions that are transforming Sri Lanka’s financial services landscape and adding more value to the nation. Giving companies the necessary financial means and the right solutions at every stage of their growth journey remains one of our main areas of interest. We continued to enable businesses to take their first steps into the world of digital commerce. We are delighted to strengthen our partnership with Paycorp International and, in doing so, enhance our customers’ payment acceptance capabilities.

“Sampath Bank’s commercial and government customers can now seamlessly accept payments from six of the world’s leading issuers and LankaQR, which will help drive sales and growth for the business. This is another innovative solution developed through our longstanding partnership with Paycorp International. We invite businesses of all sizes to simplify payment processes on their e-commerce portals and internet-connected devices. »

Bancstac Director Evan Lau said, “We are committed to modernizing Sri Lanka’s digital payments economy and promoting cashless transactions by launching innovative and frictionless payment experiences for businesses, government and the communities we serve. Our long-term strategic partnership with Sampath Bank has allowed us to achieve many firsts. Our latest innovation, the dynamic LankaQR codes presented by merchants through the Sampath payment gateway, further strengthens our track record of successfully developing and launching modern payment technology ecosystems. Enable LankaQR to achieve near real-time payment and settlement capability that democratizes e-commerce by making it more accessible and affordable for businesses that accept digital payments without any technical knowledge.


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