PS5 battery issue that prevented gamers from playing has been fixed


Sony fixed an issue with the PlayStation 5 that prevented some users from accessing their games.

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The CMOS battery, which is an internal component on both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, monitors the internal clock and is also used to check if a user is eligible to play a game. outage over time, access to digital games will be blocked until the system can verify the permissions online.

The problem, which had already been fixed on the PlayStation 4, started to affect the PS5 last month. This is a much bigger issue on the PS5, as one of the console versions, the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, relies entirely on downloaded games. Failure of the CMOS on this device would render it completely useless.

Image Credit: Sony

YouTuber Hikikomori Media posted a video showing games starting on both a PS4 and PS5 without a CMOS battery, although for some reason PlayStation Plus games still couldn’t start under these circumstances.

During the video, the host explains that removing CMOS is an extremely difficult task, due to its location at the heart of the PS5. When he finally takes it off, he finds that Astro’s playroom, the game included with every PS5, starts perfectly well.

When testing a physical game, Mortal Kombat 11, the game also starts perfectly, the user can play in single player mode.

Eventually, CMOS batteries will degrade naturally, but when yours eventually fails, you will be able to authenticate your games using the internet. That ignores what would happen in the future if PlayStation ever shuts down its servers, an event that the game’s curators are urgently trying to rectify.

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