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Growing internet penetration across the globe has led major advertisers to allocate the majority of their marketing budgets to search and social media advertising. Mobile is a key medium where users engage with these ads, due to rising global income levels and improved smartphone accessibility.

To understand the extent of this phenomenon in 2022, smartphone users count 83.72% of the world’s population. Not just the number of smartphones, mobile OEMs have grown from six in 2005 to 237 in 2020 with numbers continues to increase in 2022 as well. This shift is reflected in the world of marketing, where mobile ad spend has become 74.9% of total digital budgets from 2021.

A user’s average screen time has also increased to six hours, 57 minutes per day. According to Affinity’s 2020 research, one in two users spend more than 60 minutes on their default browser, 80% of users access their notification center before unlocking their phone.

In 2022, smartphone owners use ten apps per day and 30 apps every month. The survey also suggests that users spend two hours on pre-bundled OEM apps and that 10% of those users access OEM default app stores daily.

This increased use of apps has happened since apps help smartphone users with all their daily tasks, whether related to shopping, travel, finance, entertainment, fitness, or education. . This offers brands the ability to reach these highly engaged customers at multiple touchpoints throughout their mobile journey.

The number of smartphones in the world is expected to reach 7.69 billion by 2027. Not only smartphones, the growth of laptops has also remained consistent with 277 million laptops should be shipped worldwide.

OEM advertising is an alternative marketing channel for brands to connect directly with unique smartphone and desktop users, delivering additional reach at a high conversion rate. OEM advertising helps consumers engage with brands by creating an immersive advertising experience with unique on-device formats like Thumbnails, Notifications and Universal Ads. This innovative advertising medium enables brands to reach beyond search and social channels by engaging with consumers through multiple touchpoints in their buying journey such as browser start pages, app stores, lock screens, minus one screens and default apps.

Advertisers can be in the spotlight with not only mobile placements but also premium desktop placements on Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Microsoft Edge, MSN, Transsion, Huawei, Opera, Lenovo, Wiko, Adright, websites popular content and more.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these high impact ad formats in OEM advertising.

  1. Floor tile

Tiles is a quick access icon (brand logo) that captures the user’s attention before searching, eliminating intermediate steps such as typing or searching. It is a native advertising format that can be displayed on various mobile touchpoints including launchers, minus one screen, mobile apps, app stores, search engines and extensions. Brands can use Tiles to increase sales, clicks, engagements, leads, and subscriptions.

  1. Notice

Mobile push notifications are personalized banner ads that can be used to deliver offers, brand promotions, new launches, and more. These advertisements are a great way to acquire new customers or reconnect with existing customers due to their high visibility. Mobile OEMs, browsers, mobile apps, telcos, and content websites can be used to send push notifications.

  1. Universal

These are personalized banner ads that help brands drive high user engagement. These ads can be placed in app stores, browsers, minus one screen, lock screens and other apps.

  1. App installs

Customizable ad formats to help deliver high quality app downloads at scale in a short time. These advertisements may be placed on OEM-owned app stores as well as third-party premium apps. Brands can reach the untapped audience base with targeting features like device price range, location, and app category.

Introducing VEVE

VEVE is a performance marketing solution that helps brands advertise directly to OEMs, browsers, telcos, and premium apps to reach 500+ million daily active users (DAUs) across mobile and desktop globally through unique on-device placements and innovative ad formats. Various targeting options including demographic, device type, device price, interest-based, and operator-level allow brands to reach their specific target group. VEVE also has its proprietary reporting dashboard to access deep data insights to continuously optimize campaigns, resulting in higher conversion rates and sales volumes.

VEVE’s industry-leading ad formats on mobile and desktop – Tiles, Notifications and Universal have helped multiple brands across all industries drive Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) up to 10X.

To get in touch visit www.veve.com or email us at [email protected] to learn more about our performance advertising solutions.


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