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  • The top positions employers are looking to hire are data analytics (54%), digital marketing (45%) and strategy and operations (45%).
  • The top essential core skills sought after by employers are adaptability (52%), people development (48%) and collaboration (44%).
  • The top tech skills sought by employers are data analytics (49%), cybersecurity (45%) and digital marketing (44%).

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – March 16, 2022 – NTUC LearningHub recently launched Emerging Jobs and Skills Report discovered the top jobs employers are looking to fill and the most in-demand skills across all fields.

The report included a survey of over 650 working Singapore professionals as of December 2021. Respondents include both employers and employees from Singapore’s six major industrial hubs, with the aim of uncovering a dual perspective on the labor market current, emerging jobs and skills, as well as the training landscape.

Across all industries, the top roles employers are hiring for are in data analytics (54%), digital marketing (45%), and strategy and operations (45%), excluding cluster essential household services, where data visualization (59%) tops the list of job roles. This is followed by data analysis (55%) and data management (55%). In fact, this is the only group where all employers (100%) indicate that their company will increase digitalization to a “great” or “some” extent to achieve better business results.

Top 10 jobs in all industries:

1. Data analysis (54%)

2. Digital Marketing (45%)

3. Strategy and Operations (45%)

4. Data visualization (42%)

5. Digital strategy (41%)

6. Probabilities and statistics (34%)

7. Machine learning (32%)

8. Social media marketing (32%)

9. Big Data (31%)

ten. Public relations (30%)

In terms of skills when hiring, employers look for candidates with essential skills and technology skills. Across all industries, the top essential skills or adaptive skills that employers are looking to hire talent for are adaptability (52%), people development (48%) and collaboration (44%). On the other hand, the top tech skills employers looking to hire are data analytics (49%), cybersecurity (45%) and digital marketing (44%).

Top 10 Essential Essential Skills Across All Industries:

1. Adaptability (52%)

2. People Development (48%)

3. Cooperation (44%)

4. Communications (43%)

5. Creative thinking (42%)

6. Problem solving (40%)

7. Decision making (37%)

8. Learning agility (36%)

9. Digital literacy (32%)

ten. Global perspective (29%)

Top 10 technology skills across industries:

1. Data analysis (49%)

2. Cybersecurity (45%)

3. Digital Marketing (44%)

4. Project management (42%)

5. Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (41%)

6. Data-driven decision making (35%)

7. Basic IT support (30%)

8. Governance, risk management and protection of personal data (28%)

9. Web application design and development / (28%)

ten. Automation of robotic processes (24%)

Commenting on the findings, NTUC LearningHub Chief Strategy Officer Soh Hooi Peng said, “This information on in-demand job roles and skills is a useful resource for workers looking to stay employable and competitive. essential foundational skills, which are fundamental and transferable skills applicable to everyone, these advanced technological skills will also enable workers to upgrade their skills and keep pace with digitalization. Acquiring these skills can certainly benefit workers, regardless of their industries or functions, to successfully adapt to digital transformation and effectively manage workplace disruptions.”

“Furthermore, many of the most important positions employers across all industries are looking to hire are digital in nature. Digital Marketing and Data Analytics, even if they are inexperienced. , as the career trajectories for talent in such roles are very promising due to the shortage of talent in these areas.”

To download the Emerging Jobs and Skills Report, go to www.ntuclearninghub.com/emerging-jobs-and-skills-2022. To learn more about courses, training and scholarships, contact NTUC LearningHub at www.ntuclearninghub.com/.

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