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NowSkills Apprentices at First Contact in Manchester

NowSkills, a leading provider of IT and digital learning and training, embarks on a series of case studies to highlight the benefits of working with a specialist provider.

Established in 2013, the company, which operates across the UK, is dedicated to delivering key IT and digital courses and roles, including apprentice software developer, information communications technician, data analyst and IT specialist. digital marketing.

Its typical customers are blue chips, SMEs, small independent businesses and various public sector organizations. NowSkills has hundreds of corporate apprentices aged 16+ working in a range of very specific IT and digital roles at any one time.

Apprentices are trained and closely supervised by a team of quality tutors and receive the latest skills, techniques and behaviors to ensure they are fully competent in their roles and pursue rewarding careers.

The first case study to go live is how Now Skills works with First Contact, a family-run IT support provider in Manchester offering a wide range of IT and related services to solve any technical issues an organization may face . Services include technical support/IT helpdesk, web design, CCTV and cabling. As a small, specialist organization every member of the team needs to fit in well and NowSkills apprentices have played an important role in the recruitment campaign over the years, with many apprentices arriving at the age of 18-19 years and leaving several years later, having played a vital role in the continued growth, success and reputation of the company.

First Contact currently has seven employees, two of whom have completed their apprenticeships and continue to progress within the company, alongside a government-funded digital apprentice who plays a hands-on role in its specialist workforce. The company had three former staff who started with them as apprentices and stayed for between three and 15 years, constantly gaining experience and adding value to the team.

The company strongly believes in the importance of apprentices and the enormous benefits of apprenticeships for businesses and individuals. Director Jeremy Ross says, “A lot of young people don’t want to go to college; they want to start a career as soon as they can. At the end of an apprenticeship at the age of 21, young people have a big advantage over university leavers because they have two to three years of work experience and training under their belt, and are probably already working a full-time job. Not only that, but they will have gained valuable general work life experience, developed positive attitudes towards work, and gained confidence.

“We have been working with NowSkills for a few years now and the quality of the people we are introduced to is outstanding. Not only that, but candidates are generally interested in all things digital, IT and technology, and have the drive and thirst for learning required by our small but hands-on organization. After working with former learning providers and not-quite-fit candidates, we turned to a digital and IT-focused learning provider who could listen and understand our needs, but understood also in depth the IT and digital disciplines. NowSkills not only provided us with the most talented university graduates locally, but also ensured that the apprentices had the right attitudes and interpersonal skills to successfully integrate into the company for the full term.

Legacy apprenticeship training providers lacked the specialized digital knowledge, skills and qualities required to place successful apprentices at First Contact. One of the main issues with previous partners was the lack of ongoing support and contact, which is critical for service-oriented companies like First Contact. First Contact have been impressed with the level of support from the NowSkills team of dynamic tutors and say contact is frequent and of high quality.

The benefits of working with a specialist

NowSkills has been on board with First Contact for three to four years as their preferred learning provider. NowSkills’ approach to sourcing and screening potential candidates is second to none. First Contact appreciates the way NowSkills assesses potential apprentices, testing them like a recruitment agency and finding talented candidates who will be a perfect match, which has resulted in many successful apprentices finding full-time employment. at First Contact, grow and develop as people.

Alongside their ongoing NowSkills training and mentoring, apprentices are heavily invested in and supported by First Contact which, together with ongoing practical on-the-job training in many skills and roles, enables successful apprentices to stay in the business. company as happy and productive employees.

First-class digital and IT courses

First Contact apprentices are enrolled in infrastructure or digital marketing programs with NowSkills and, depending on the digital apprentice, they receive 1:1 tutoring and classroom and on-demand resources covering: LAN, WAN, TCP / IP, Windows Servers, Hardware, Software, M365, Azure, AWS, Virtualization, Cyber ​​Threats, GoogleAds, Email Marketing, Competitor Research, Content Marketing, Social Media, Design Tools and AI Integration.

First Contact currently has several NowSkills apprentices about to complete their courses in digital marketing and infrastructure engineering.

On top of that, they have a number of people working full-time in roles that have progressed through the business. A NowSkills apprentice arrived as a digital marketer and along the way showed a flair for back-end technology. Once he completed his apprenticeship as a digital marketer, he then trained as an infrastructure engineer and was given a full-time position as First Contact understood his value as an employee. .

Jeremy Ross continues: ‘We are strong advocates for young people who choose apprenticeships to start their careers in digital and IT. We are committed to attracting local apprentices who are passionate about and interested in all things tech/digital and IT, as our team members are hands-on, highly skilled and good all-rounders with many strings to their bows . As a small service business, you need to be proficient in many areas, and you need to be patient and understanding with customers from businesses of all sizes. We are therefore delighted to be able to source young people with the same enthusiasm and ethos as the wider team through our symbiotic relationship with NowSkills. People who stay with us for many years.

Mark Norse, Managing Director of NowSkills says:

“First Contact is a great example of an employer partner who shares our own vision of finding the best digital learners to meet their demand for skills and recruiting with the skills, knowledge and behaviors needed to embark on rewarding careers and First Contact truly embraces its apprentices and helps them become high performing employees who grow and evolve. By working with a close team in this environment, apprentices truly have a chance to engage in most aspects of the company and the services it provides from the start, and that is why the screening and selection process is essential so that we can present candidates who can last the duration.First Contact is an excellent example of a partner who collaborates closely with our courses, programs and support team so that we can grow and educate the apprentice to succeed and ensure that he excels in his role for the benefit of the company.

The next case studies to go live will be The Config Team and Club Systems.

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