Now online movie tickets in AP only on YourScreens

In order to make cinema accessible to the general public without the burden of additional fees, the government of Andhra Pradesh has finally issued the directive to sell cinema tickets through its online portal YourScreen. T Vijay Kumar Reddy, managing director of the AP Film, TV and Theater Development Corporation, revealed this to the media on Wednesday. He added that in future, cinema tickets will only be sold at prices set by the government and black marketing of tickets will stop.

According to him, APFTTDC will operate the YourScreens webpage where customers can purchase movie tickets at the set prices without paying any additional fees. “Unlike existing online booking platforms, where the service fee ranges from Rs 20 to Rs 25, YourScreens only charges Rs 1.95 paisa for the platform fee. The burden on viewers will thus be reduced,” a- he declared. reddy pointed out that the government only decided to implement the online ticketing system in response to representatives of the Telugu film industry and after consultation with a number of groups including distributors, exhibitors and service providers.

The MD clarified that theaters that have agreements with other Internet portals can still adhere to their agreements. However, under the current GO, cinemas were only allowed to sell 50% of tickets through these portals. However, cinemas should allow customers to buy tickets on the platforms of their choice, including YourScreens. reddy argued that “they cannot state that buyers should only purchase tickets through the current platform”. It allayed theaters’ fears of not receiving timely government funding for their online ticketing system.


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