Mumbai: BMC portal says only 927 potholes in city, locals say numbers are underreported


While BMC’s pothole tracking system shows there are only around 900 potholes across the city, residents and businesses have criticized the city administration saying that numbers are underreported.

The BMC’s web portal for registering pothole complaints shows that the city has 927 potholes as of September 25. According to the data, 432 potholes have been repaired and the remaining 421 are under repair. It also shows that 74 pothole complaints were false.

However, representatives of the public and activists are not convinced. They said BMC underestimated the numbers and the reality on the ground was totally different.

BMC opposition leader Ravi Raja criticized the civic body for not recognizing the real situation.

“The company underreports the number of potholes. In my electoral district alone, there are hundreds of potholes. In addition, over the years, the city administration has completely failed to find a permanent solution to this threat of the annual monsoon. “

BMC data shows that most of the potholes – 123 – were reported in the K East district (Andheri, Jogeshwari), followed by 57 in the P North district (Malad) and 50 in the L district (Kurla ). A few days ago, a video of potholes flying over Matunga Road went viral on social media.

“Not to mention all of Mumbai, a single administrative district will have thousands of potholes. The BMC system records the numbers reported to it by people. Its engineers need to proactively find new potholes and fix them as soon as possible, ”said Right to Information activist Anil Galgali.

“If you visit areas like Jarimari and Kajupada in Kurla, you will find hundreds of potholes. The system set up in the pothole rooms has failed. Bad roads also contribute to congestion on many roads, ”he added.

Samajwadi Party MP Rais Shaikh blamed the ongoing road repair work for potholes. “The BMC is blamed for the potholes as it has failed to carry out planned repairs worth Rs 2,500 crore in the past year. funds for road repairs If the repairs do not take place, there will be potholes.

Activists blamed potholes and bad roads for traffic jams. “There are potholes in Kalina, near Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road, which slow down the speed of vehicles and cause traffic jams. People are forced to spend hours traveling because of bad roads, ”said Mushtaq Ansari, an activist known for making proactive efforts to repair potholes.

Faced with criticism, the BMC recently set up a joint coordination team between the roads and traffic service and the town hall. The team will include engineers from the department and local services who have been tasked with speeding up the repair work.

“We start repairs during periods of drought, because during the rain it is hardly possible to fill the potholes. Road engineers are also encouraged to visit their respective areas to find potholes and make repairs, in addition to reviewing complaints they have received from the public. From April 1 to September 11, we filled 33,156 potholes across Mumbai using cold mix. The city administration has also allocated 2 crore rupees to each neighborhood for filling potholes, ”said a senior official in the department.

“There are many potholes on the roads that are the responsibility of other agencies and BMC is wrongly blamed for these. When we receive complaints about potholes on these roads, we notify the agencies concerned. It is their responsibility to repair them, ”he added.

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