Mumbai: a cyber-fraudster poses as an executive of Cred, a nurse duped for Rs 2.46 lakh


A 44-year-old woman working as a nurse at a municipal hospital was the victim of cyber fraud when a man posing as an executive at Cred, a financial technology company, tricked her into installing an app used to remotely access a mobile phone. and stole his bank details which were used to transfer Rs 2.46 lakh from his bank account.

The woman registered an FIR with the Dindoshi police station in Malad (east) on October 15. The woman said that when she checked her bank account earlier this month, she realized that a little more money had been debited from her account. She was using the Cred app to make payments. She searched the internet for their helpline and ended up getting a scammer’s number.

The woman did not realize that many cyber fraudsters give their own number on Google such as the customer service and helpline of several banks, the courier service, wine merchants, online shopping portals , etc.

The woman called the number and the fraudster posing as a Cred executive asked her to install the Anydesk app, which can see all of the person’s mobile activity. Scammers also use a screen recording app in their phones to record the mobile activities taking place on the victim’s phone.

The woman followed all the instructions given by the scammer and started receiving one-time passwords (OTPs) from her bank on her phone to make money transfers. The fraudster was also able to see the OTPs and used them to transfer Rs 2.46 lakh from his bank account. Realizing that she had been duped, the woman approached her bank and then the police station.


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