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More than half of UK shoppers find their good deal is just a poor quality purchase


OVER half of Brits bought what they thought was a good deal only to find they had been scammed or the product was of poor quality.

A study of 2,000 adults found that 55% were delighted with the low price of a product, only to find that it reflected the quality of the item purchased.


Sales motivate buyers first to make a purchase they later regret

And 45% rushed home with a good deal at a sale – only to deem it “unnecessary” later down the line.

Common problems include buying an inexpensive garment only to warp in the wash after use, or to spoil the first time it’s worn.

Something that doesn’t last as long as expected also leads to frustration, as does an upgrade released right after purchasing new technology.

But 35% have seen the same item elsewhere for even less, after buying something at what they thought was a knockdown.

Katy Lomax, Head of Experiments at Capital One UK, who commissioned the survey, said: “There is an old adage that if something sounds too good to be true it probably is, and especially at this time of year people can get caught up in finding a deal.

“There is little assurance in post-Christmas and January sales that any purchase is a real bargain, so you have to be cautious.

“If you shop during sales, using a credit card, you can get extra protection on purchases over £ 100. “

Britons estimate that they spend three hours and 20 minutes each month looking for bargains, online or in stores.

More than four in ten people (44%) even describe seeking reductions as a “vital” part of their life.

And just under six in ten people consider themselves particularly savvy when looking for price stickers in search of a bargain.

Just under a fifth of those surveyed (16%) even camped out in front of a store overnight to make sure they were in pole position for a good deal.

For the best savings, 29% rely on consumer websites, while 19% get their information from Instagram.

Research through OnePoll also found that the average adult will spend £ 399 on items on sale in any given year, with 53% placing their purchases on a credit card.

Katy Lomax, Capital One UK, added: “It’s easy to feel that just because you’re spending less money you’re not spending any money at all – an amazing saving is always money coming out. .

“So this year we’re encouraging everyone to really think about the need to make this purchase, regardless of the big discount sticker stuck on it.

“If this is something you will find real value in, do your research with multiple retailers first and don’t get caught up in impulse buying.

“And once the sales are done, maybe think about the interest you could pay and if you can consolidate your loans on one card. “

If you have ordered your products online and are experiencing delivery issues, such as loss or damage, we will explain your rights to you.

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