“Mona Saki’s Divorce” is at the top of Google search… Others are looking for “full movie without cutting”.


Although this news is misleading, the word “divorced Mona Jackie” is at the top of search terms for artist Mona Jackie on Google.

Audiences also debated “divorcing Mona Jackie” following her criticism of her starring in the movie “Dear Friends,” and she appeared in a scene in which she took off her underwear, which annoyed her fans. A lot, according to the “Fi Al Fan” website.

Over the past few hours, viewers have searched for “Image Lovers and I Do Not Love, Complete Without Cutting” and “Mona Saki’s New Movie on Netflix” to watch the controversial film.

Actress Mona Saki was slammed and attacked by social media pioneers just hours after her movie ‘Friends and Dears’ was released on an electronic site for promoting homosexuality and appearing with extraordinary courage.

The hashtag “Owners and Dearest” has topped search engines on social networking sites in the past few hours, becoming one of the most popular listings in the Arab world.

Activists on social media have expressed outrage at actress Mona Saki’s actions in the film, uttering comments calling audiences ‘pornographic’, especially as viewers are aware she needs to stay away. away from bold characters that don’t fit the norm. And the traditions that prevailed in Eastern society compared to many enthusiasts that they defended the Egyptian artist and considered that he should not cross any red lines, but rather play a representative role.

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