Microsoft launches TechSaksham to empower female engineers


Skills initiative with SAP will help small town women realize their tech dreams

Microsoft announced the launch of the CyberShikshaa for Educators program in association with ICT Academy, designed to ensure greater participation of female educators and graduate students from rural areas. CyberShikshaa is just one of the many ways Microsoft has democratized access to technology.

To ensure there is equal representation of female talent in tech, Microsoft and SAP have collaborated to launch a technology skills initiative – TechSaksham, where we strive to integrate female engineers into the workforce. work.

Through TechSaksham, female students taking bachelor’s and master’s degrees in technology at government and government-funded colleges can access courses in web design and digital marketing, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence ( AI). In less than a year of its rollout, TechSaksham has directly benefited nearly 2,500 young female students at 43 government-funded institutions in the states of Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.


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