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Education context:

– Proud graduate of Social Circle High School, BBA Marketing University of West Georgia, BS Network & Communications Management Degree, DeVry University. Courses and associated technologies: Unix, LAN / WAN design and administration, networks, routers and protocols, TCP / IP, Ethernet. As a member of the municipal council, I believe in participating in courses that allow me to acquire knowledge relating to our community. I took several training courses and received a certificate of recognition, a certificate of achievement and within hours of obtaining the certificate of excellence.

Professional experience:

– I started my career with the Department of Children and Family Services as an eligibility social worker for many years. This led to a post of Services Coordinator at the Athens Housing Authority. I have always served my community, so when the city council seat opened up, I jumped at the opportunity to serve. I have been a member of council for 16 years and am currently mayor pro tempore. Around the same time, I became Program Director for the Annie Pauline Henderson Foundation. I have volunteered in this foundation for many years to raise funds to provide scholarships to our high school graduates who have been accepted to colleges. We have provided over $ 1 million in scholarships during my time in service. I am currently working at a RentPath advertising company, a division of Redfin, as a Site Operations Analyst, IT where I support, monitor feeds that update our web listings. Our business is to provide websites where people can find a place to live.

Why did you decide to run for this job?

– I am currently the municipal councilor of district 1 and the mayor pro tempore. My experience has always been service in everything I do. My motto is that whenever there is a need, you take it as an opportunity to serve. This is one of the greatest opportunities I can take to meet a need. This allows me to serve not only my district but the Social Circle community. I want to continue to improve the quality of life for everyone.

What do you think is the biggest problem your municipality faces and, if you are elected, how do you plan to solve it?

– I think the biggest problem Social Circle is facing right now is growth. Due to the growth, we need to take care of the infrastructure, housing, water treatment plant, sewage improvements and activities for our community, especially our youth. And I want to keep our taxes. The best way to approach growth is to stay focused on the plan for each problem and stick to it. I always give priority to our fellow citizens when I find a solution. Sometimes I have to make tough decisions. But in these difficult decisions, I always put our citizens first. I don’t plan to fail but you can fail to plan.

Finally, what do voters need to know about you?

– My constituents should know that I serve all of our citizens and that the safety of our community is always the priority. I also want voters to know that I am a city councilor with respect, always loyal and that transparency is key to me. I am a talented motivator with a solid knowledge and experience in local government. If you want strong leadership and positive results, vote for the award. I was born and raised here. I care and my passion for this city makes me the right choice for District 1. Vote for the prize on November 2, 2021.

Editor’s note: Election day is November 2. Advance polling begins Tuesday October 12 and ends October 29. Learn more about voting options and polling locations here.

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