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Award-winning digital artist Simon Cosmas Michael, better known as Simon Rieber, is revolutionizing the Tanzanian arts and entertainment industry by advocating youth independence.

Today, he is truly successful in his life, but his journey has not been easy. In an interview with a Tanzanian television, Rieber said that when he started painting no one cared about his work, but he didn’t give up and that was the reason for his success. He has always been a person who believes in passion and dedication.

He continues to work hard to grow professionally and personally. He was busy building his professional life and that is what differentiates him from others. He improves his skills over time and all we know is that it will help him achieve his dreams.

The internet now knows Simon as a digital illustration expert, author and young entrepreneur. He had over 50 hand drawn artworks. He has already published his eBook on google, amazon and Goodreads. That’s why Google verified him as a visual artist and author on the Google search engine. Microsoft Bing and yahoo! also verified Simon Rieber on their search engines as an artist.

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“Business Without Entertainment is not complete, so I have to think outside the box to motivate my clients, but it’s also a job opportunity for my fellow young people with distant dreams and goals,” says Simon Rieber.

Simon Rieber was raised in a low income single family home. He grew up without role models and eventually became one of those people who lacked proper guidance. He was not privileged to have a planned life, therefore, he took the lead and built his own life. He has always been a person who has a thirst for knowledge and puts it to good use by helping others. This is what he characterizes as his natural traits. And when he saw his help benefiting others, he was inspired. He channeled all of his hard work and discipline into having it all. It wasn’t easy but he didn’t give up and that’s the reason for his success today.

In 2020, Rieber was nominated for the Tanzania Umoja Prize for Contemporary Tanzanian Art as “Best Male Digital Artist”.

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