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Strong points

  • Page load time – a key aspect of search engine optimization – now 0.6 seconds
  • Locafy’s single platform means the latest developments are deployed globally within minutes

PERTH, AUSTRALIA, May 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Locafy Limited (LCFY, LCFYW) (“Locafy” or “the Company”), has made new breakthroughs on its patented search engine optimization (SEO) technology platform which it claims will deliver top ranking results even better to its global customers.

Page load time is one of the key aspects of search engine optimization and Locafy believes that the most important speed metric is time to interact (TTI) – this is the time that it takes for a web page to be fully interactive with a consumer.

In recent testing, Locafy CTO David Penner confirmed that a TTI as fast as 0.6 seconds was achieved on many landing pages published by Locafy, which the company says will deliver results. even better rankings to its customers.

“We’re already getting close to 60% Page 1 results for nearly 50,000 published pages across all global markets,” said Locafy CEO Gavin Burnett. “Over 40% of these results see our customers ranked in position 1, 2 or 3, on all search engines and all types of devices, from desktop to mobile.

Significantly, when we achieved this latest speed breakthrough, we were able to immediately roll out the upgrade to all of our customers due to the adaptive nature of our release capability – I don’t think any other platform – form of SEO can achieve this type of upgrade for all customers in minutes.

It’s hard to describe the competitive edge this gives us in the marketplace. We believe we already had the fastest loading pages with automated and optimized production and now they are even faster,” Burnett said.

According to CTO David Penner: “In Formula 1, racing drivers and manufacturers strive for pole position and a podium – milliseconds count when it comes to results. Speed ​​also wins in SEO and our goal is to ensure that our customers, wherever they are and whatever their local business, are in the top 3 for online search results.

Our technology is constantly evolving, but the key is that we can also seamlessly and easily deploy it to our growing list of global customers within minutes,” said Penner.

Locafy intends to formally update the market with its annual financial results as of June 30, 2022, during the September quarter.

About Locafy Limited

Founded in 2009, Locafy (LCFY, LCFYW) mission is to revolutionize the US$700 billion SEO industry. We help businesses and brands increase search engine relevance and prominence in a specific proximity using a fast, simple and automated approach.

For more information, visit www.locafy.com

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