Legal Blogs Can Build A Thriving Career After A Law Degree: Here’s How


The legal sphere reached its peak with an interesting spike in registrations of aspirants. The field of legal blogging is now becoming very popular among lawyers.

According to the Bar Council of India, the Indian legal profession today consists of around 12 lakh registered lawyers. Each year, approximately 60,000 70,000 law graduates join the legal profession in India.

Various branches to specialize as a lawyer

The diversity in this profession is enticing. Unlike in older days, the legal profession is not only limited to civil and criminal law, but is also open to business law, company law, international law, intellectual property rights and many other segments.

Fortunately, today, aspiring or young legal professionals have the comfort of choosing their favorable segment and specializing in it.

Each segment of the law requires extensive knowledge and requires in-depth analytical research with critical thinking. With the diverse range of specialties that the industry has to offer, another silver lining that adds to this sphere is legal blogging.

What is a legal blog?

Legal blogs are the perfect option to channel the vast knowledge and use it to enhance the career opportunities of potential students in this particular field.

This is one of the booming career prospects and it is a perfect way to share the expertise of a legal professional.

Legal blogs provide information that the traditional media cannot. It gives in-depth information on a plethora of law-related topics, case studies, real-life crises and events.

It constitutes a platform allowing law enthusiasts to learn more about the sphere and to engage with it.

How Can Legal Blogging Become a Career Path?

Many see it as a career because legal blogging offers a profession where you can work in your own space and pace.

Also considering space, the diversity of content provided by fellow legal professionals is well noticed by readers, those in need and law firms. Thus, legal blogs act as a beacon for your body of work.

At first, writing legal blogs can be tedious work, but according to the Google Consumer Survey, 95-96% of people around the world end up researching legal matters through search engines.

Since so many people end up on various blogging sites through the search engine, ranking your blogs with SEO optimized content will help you gain views and make money.

Therefore, a legal blogger could earn a lot of money on a regular basis, if he correctly plans the process in the right order and in a systematic manner.

Benefits of legal blogs

  • Connect with people with the same or contrasting ideologies
  • Promotion of discussion forums on law and current affairs
  • Bring new opportunities such as book proposals, firm appreciation, business proposals and many more
  • Self-marketing through Google
  • Work on your research skills
  • Develop communication skills
  • Develop writing skills
  • Mark an eminent presence in the legal sphere
  • Expansion of your customer base
  • Career tailored to your comfort zone
  • Inspire potential aspirants
  • Useful for young aspirants for field studies
  • Helps you stay up to date with the latest legal developments

Amid all the chaos of mutual overthrow for success, legal blogs appeared like a breeze of fresh air.

Legal blogging as a career option can be quite difficult. But if it’s done with the right mindset and with the right intentions, it can lead to a successful career.

– Article by Dr Shashikala Gurpur, Director, Symbiosis Law School, Pune

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