Launch of digital bootcamps in the North East to tackle the skills shortage and stimulate job creation


A partnership between a series of educational organizations in the North East is set to deliver a £ 1million digital training program to help people find new jobs in the sector.

People across the region will benefit from Skills Bootcamps in Digital, fostering the development of specialized skills while providing the opportunity to find employment in companies.

The £ 1million-backed program will run through the end of March 2022, through a collaborative partnership between Baltic Training, Education Partnership North East, Gateshead College, Newcastle College Group, New College Durham, Tyne Coast College and Sunderland Software City.

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The bootcamps themselves will be short, intensive courses on topics such as data analytics, digital marketing, web development, and cybersecurity.

They were designed to give participants job-oriented skills, in order to increase their chances of getting a job in the digital sector. Anyone who successfully completes a course is guaranteed an interview with a local employer.

Deni Chambers, Deputy Principal of Gateshead College, a Senior Partner of the Training Provider Collective, said: “Employers often tell me they want an accessible and streamlined source of information rather than having to shop around.

“With this project, we are responding to these comments, working as a collective of training providers to proactively train a talent pool.

“We are each training experts and have an excellent track record in professional integration. Therefore, by coming together, we are bringing together the best talent and resources the region has to offer for the benefit of our digital technology sector.

“In addition, by working collaboratively, we are able to offer a range of specialties from which people can choose depending on the course or location that suits them best.

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Offered at intermediate or advanced level, bootcamps will last between two and 16 weeks. For those over 19 with a level 3 qualification there will be no cost and for employers looking to train a group of employees a small contribution is required.

David Dunn, CEO of Sunderland Software City, said: “This activity is a real change in the way people can access jobs in the digital technology sector.

“He recognizes that to support the growth of the digital sector, we need to be innovative and I am delighted that industry and colleges in the North East are working together on this.”

Bootcamps are part of the government’s Lifelong Skills Guarantee initiatives and employment plan.

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