Latin American women receive sewing training and materials



– Grevic Alvarado

More than 300 Latin American women from Trinidad and Tobago have been trained under the Textile Entrepreneurship Route program sponsored by the International Organization for Migrants (IOM) through the NGO TTV Solidarity Network (TTVSolnet) .

On Saturday, 125 migrants received sewing machines after completing the online basic sewing course.

Heidi Diquez, Founding Member/CEO of TTVSolnet, said: “Textile Entrepreneurship Route is a project born out of the need to support migrant women in TT who, due to their immigration status and stay in the country, don’t have the same opportunity to achieve the economic stability and progress they all deserve.”

The program began in 2019, thanks to the alliance of TTVSolnet with the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF), under the mandate of the Organization of American States (OAS) to support in particular all those affected by the humanitarian and migration crisis in Venezuela.

The program is funded by the Office for Population, Refugees and Migration.

The program is only available to women in TT with irregular immigration status. Women from Venezuela, Cuba and Colombia are taking part in the courses, which are virtual, with a practical component lasting six weeks. Each student receives all the material necessary for the course.

Diquez said: “To date, the program has trained more than 300 women, providing them with vocational training in the field of textiles from the basic sewing course, the making of intimate apparel, the repair and adjustment of clothing and pattern making, cutting and sewing. .”

Diquez explained that the project includes a special workshop on digital marketing in social networks that gave participants the tools to create virtual market spaces and help them promote their products and services.

“Another important part of the program has been the alliance with IOM, which has supported it by providing sewing machines to all graduates so they can produce from home.”

Diquez said at the end of the second training cycle: “With great pride, we congratulate all the women who have participated in the workshops with commitment and effort to achieve their goals and carry out projects”.

She also thanked all the workshop facilitators for sharing their knowledge and encouraging each student to achieve perfection and quality in all their creations.

“We thank all our collaborators, and in particular PADF and IOM, for their trust and commitment to helping our population of women entrepreneurs in TT.”


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