Kim Kardashian speaks clearly about her thirst for fame on Keeping Up With the Kardashians special


Tthe second part of the keeping up with the Kardashians The reunion special, which aired Sunday night, ended in classic Kardashian fashion – with a blatant and shameless listing. After two hours of not particularly revealing interviews (the first hour aired Thursday), host and Bravo star Andy Cohen suggested the group take a photo of Kendall Jenner’s new 818 Tequila.

An award-winning liquor tour poured in and reality TV veterans faked convincing oohs and ahs. “Isn’t that the sweetest tequila or what?” Kris gushed, still the devoted momager. “Wow, that’s really good,” Andy confirmed. It was a fitting, albeit dignified, ending to the celebrity-obsessed family’s 14-year television reign.

The two-part special followed a format similar to that of the Real housewives reunion on Bravo, with KarJenner’s offspring sitting uncomfortably around their host on plush sofas, all dressed in evening gowns. The set was essentially a huge, velvety sanctuary for the sisters, decorated with magazine covers and iconic red carpet looks over the years.

Among the early highlights, Kim gave former boss Paris Hilton credit for launching her career (you know, before the sex tape made her a household name) and speaking candidly about her rage in his quest for glory. She even admitted showing up to places where she knew the paparazzi would be just for her to be photographed, even going so far as to take trips to celebrity hotspot The Ivy and order takeout bread. “I think people have to be honest about that time in your life when you’re so desperate,” she said, somewhat endearingly.

By far the most interesting and vulnerable moments on the show, however, were when Andy was interviewing Khloe. The founder of Good American drew attention after the unmistakable star of the family, Kim. At one point, she explained how the misogynistic and fatphobic criticisms leveled at her during the show’s first few seasons had completely destroyed her self-confidence.

Khloe explained that she didn’t lack self-confidence before the show started, but as soon as it aired, negative comments poured in. about myself, that’s when I started to be hard on myself because I was like, ‘Oh, that’s how other people see me. she told Andy. She also shared that Kim and Kourtney were given preferential treatment because of their looks and that during photoshoots she was always relegated to the background and had the fewest wardrobe choices. .

Of course, Khloe’s frankness about her struggles with body image is complicated by the fact that the sisters are constantly changing their photos on social media beyond recognition, are shady about the cosmetic procedures they have. suffered and sell dangerous weight loss teas. Needless to say, these aren’t exactly positive icons for the body. When Andy asked them if they felt like they were promoting unattainable standards of beauty, their responses were disappointing.

When Andy asked them if they felt like they were promoting unattainable standards of beauty, their responses were disappointing.

“No, I don’t, because I think we get up, we do the work, we practice,” Kim said quickly. “We all love to take care of ourselves and be healthy,” Kendall agreed, completing the blatant oversimplification of the money, genetics, and Instagram filters that determine their appearance. Still the most open of the clan, Khloe admitted that she had had nose, fillers and Botox work, while the other ladies kept their lips sealed.

It was a recurring theme throughout the special that Andy didn’t really challenge the women or push back on their responses despite the publicity early in the first hour that he had been given “no ground rules.” It was a surprising departure from the way he runs Real housewives reunited on his network, and perhaps he was working under difficult time constraints. But the omission of questions on their cultural appropriation record and their brazen disregard for COVID-19 safety was definitely an oversight.

It would be unfair to say that the special did not cover personal topics. Andy asked them about their numerous marriages and divorces, their children, and the Jordyn Woods / Tristan Thompson cheating scandal. Kim offered Kanye heartfelt and emotional wishes in the wake of their separation and sadly admitted that she only wanted to have been married once.

However, longtime viewers expect and are oblivious to these kinds of glimpses into their personal lives; it was the whole model of their show. In fact, much of what was discussed during the two hours had already been somehow covered on keeping up with the Kardashians. In the end, it would have been much more interesting to hear them reflect meaningfully on their less forgivable mistakes than to modulate their media training with polite statements about how much they enjoyed being together on a TV show.


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