Justice Department slowly getting back on track after suffering cyberattacks


The Department of Justice and Correctional Services said its systems were now activated after four weeks of inactivity due to a cyber attack. One of the systems that has now been restored is the Courts Registration Portal which is used by transcriptionists to download court proceedings.

“Another critical area that has received high priority is the electronic recording of court proceedings to ensure that courts can function normally. Most of the records are intact and able to synchronize with the central repository. When courts still face challenges, a special capacity has been deployed to respond to requests on a case-by-case basis. The web portal used by transcriptionists to download court recordings for transcription has been successfully restored. said a statement from the ministry.

Another currently active system is an administrative system used by the courts. A statement from the ministry said that “Considerable progress has been made in restoring the Integrated Case Management System (ICMS), which is an administrative system used in all courts, particularly the office of the master of the High Court. Parts of the system are already accessible, such as curatorship and online portals used for historical research. “

The Department also indicated that it would continue to work on restoring functionality to other systems over the next few days. These will include systems that manage trusts, deceased estates and insolvencies. With respect to personal information, the Department said it has strengthened its security systems to protect sensitive personal information in its custody.

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