Is the Yakima 7-ELEVEN store on Summitview Ave permanently closing?


I saw a friend post on his Facebook page that 7-Eleven on 16th Avenue and Summitview was soon to close permanently and it broke my heart! I love going there early in the morning on the way to work when I need something like a Red Bull or late at night when I crave one of those hot dogs rolling on the rotisserie they have .

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Someone online just reminded me that 7-Eleven on Summitview has been around Yakima for almost 30 years! I know, I know, a lot of people complain about the parking there, and those complaints are valid! I mean, trying to get out of there and back to 16th Avenue can be a hassle for me! That’s why I always go out on the Summitview Avenue side.

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Where am I going to go on days when we have Sunfair Parade and we’re all waiting in the line of cars to get off at Summitview? Last fall, my daughter Willow and I took a short stroll to 7-Eleven for snacks while waiting for the parade to start. Willow wanted cookies and I wanted 7-Eleven coffee!

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And where the hE-double-hockey-sticks are we all going to find our free Slurpees on Slurpee Day? Maybe it was all those Slurpees that put 7-Eleven on Summitview out of business?

That’s right, I heard Summitview 7-Eleven was closing because there weren’t enough customers. This is just one of the rumors I’ve seen online. Someone else said they heard that Summitview 7-Eleven would be closing by mid-March 2022.


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